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Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by pesheUCE, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. pesheUCE

    pesheUCE New commenter

    I have taught GCSE and ALevel for 3 years and have never taught Btec. I am starting at a new school and they need me to tech a lot of Btec.

    I find it all sooooo confusing. Can i literally teach anything I want as long as it serves the purpose of the units?

    Eg, I have to teach the unit 1: Workshop performance and all I have been told to do is get the students to prepare a 5 minute workshop as their assessment.

    What do I teach for the next 11 weeks? Apparently, I can just do a series of workshops on anything?!?!? Can this be right?

    AI have looked at the spec and it says nothing about scheme structure etc... I am truly lost and would love any help you could offer. are there any schemes or lesson plans on any websites etc?

    Thank you.
  2. Several here
  3. No. If you pull off the spec for each unit it will tell you what you need to cover and will also offer you sample assignments.

    On the unit 'content' page it tells you what you should be teaching, When it says 'e.g.' it is giving you examples of materials/specific areas of that topic you might cover. If there is no 'e.g.' on the content then you should cover exactly what it says.

    The students should have the opportunity for 2 attempts at each criterion. This doesn't mean you need to repeat everything as you can be clever with re-submission policies.

    Criteria accross units can overlap, e.g. If you are assssing a group on Devising you may find that the work they need to produce would also provide a valid assessment for criteria from Theatre in Education. Which course are you running? If you look at my resources there are assignment booklets for my music courses, i haven't uploaded the Performing Arts versions but I can email them over to you if you PM me an address.

    Have you got a BTEC specialist you can ask for some help from at work?

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