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KS4 Threshold - what subjects are included and their values?

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by rgriffiths68, May 29, 2013.

  1. I am trying to work out exactly which courses will be included/count towards our RAISE report for our current year 10 being examined in 2014. I have heard somewhere that were a student taking more than 2 vocational subjects only the best 2 results will be considered. I have searched and searched for information to confirm this but I can't find anything.

    I have also heard that the equivalence of vocational subjects will be 1 GCSE for those of a previous equivalence of 2 or more (for example the BTEC First certificate/ex cert), and not included at all if previously worth 1 (eg the BTEC First Award).

    If anyone can point me in the right direction to figure this out I would be very grateful.

    Note: I have been studying this document via the RAISE website which suggests that vocational subjects might hold a greater value than the equivalence of only 1 GCSE, although I may be mistaken. https://www.raiseonline.org/OpenDocument.aspx?document=205

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