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KS4 SoW template?

Discussion in 'English' started by gruoch, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    Anyone got one?
    Googling only brings up specific SoWs for KS4 - plenty available for KS3
  2. I can share the template we use in the faculty - but won't be able to send you anything until the end of the hols - I'm happily abroad in the sun until the end of the week and, while I have my laptop, I don't have access to my school files.
  3. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    I officially hate you [​IMG]
    Quite right, too.
    Thank-you so much. [​IMG]

  4. Are the OCR ones only available if you are with them? I'm sure AQA produced some during the syllabus change over.

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