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KS4 PMLD- assessment and accreditation?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by louise2006, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Hi I'm just wondering what other schools are using to assess pupils P2-P4? Our school currently uses bsquared but surely there must be something more appropriate for PMLD students. I have been looking at using routes for learning- looks much more appropriate, can anyone suggest anything else please? We are using literacy and numeracy for everyday living as well as ASDAN transition challenge for accreditation for our PMLD students, what are other people using? Thanks
  2. RamC

    RamC New commenter

    We use The Profound Education Curriculum, but we use it as an assessment tool. I use it in conjunction with the Welsh Routes for Learning and have found it fantastic to map my student's skills and to plan key skills into my lesson plans. You do have to buy it for £280 I think, but I suppose one copy for constant use might be manageable for your school. My school also uses the "Moving On" programme as part of their inclusion, which has assessment right from a P1 level so every student can work towards accreditation. Hope this helps:)

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