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KS4 Mandatory RE

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by RevBev, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. What do other RE teachers do about non-GCSE RE at KS4?
    In my school the tendency is for this subject to be far more a 'life skills' or 'morals/ethics' thing minus any specifically religious content, and lacks any proper SoW from which to work. This means the various non-religious, non-subject-specialists who end up taking the classes find themselves making it up as they go along, and struggling often to find focii around which to base their lessons that aren't being repeated in GCSE RE classes (which some of the students will also be taking).
    Ideas, anyone?

  2. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Yes. I am an experienced RE teacher looking for ways of supporting colleagues who are teaching my beloved subject. At the moment I am still giving workshops and consultancy free of charge, expenses only. So please, call me in. We can look at your situation together. I can do some research according to your precise needs. I can help set up schemes of work which will be rigorous, spiritual and engaging, based on the local Sacre report or another if you prefer..

    I can give workshops which will challenge and engage your classes I can be hot-seated or lead discussion in any field. I would rather do this free - to fit your needs - than spend my time giving silk-paint parties and workshops - which is something I am developing to offer as a side-line and part-time income. I am trying to see where I can be of most help and I can imagine that this is an area which many schools are finding difficult. So just give me a pm..
  3. Yes agree totally. In my school only Year 10 (Year 11 does ICT instead of RE in their 50 min lesson) do RE and we do Equality and Diversity. Next year all of Yr 9 will do the Ehics uunit for the short course OCR GCSE and then in Yr 10 top set will do Philosophy unit to make it a full GCSE and the other sets Equality and Diversity. The focus is on getting a qualification and that is all that matters as well as giving them an assessment level/grade every half term based on one 50 min a lesson a week. A situation I find very frustrating and to the detriment of exploration and discussion as, we have a course to cover in a very tight time frame and the general attitude of the kids is they would rather be doing something else despite me working relentlessly to deliver interesting and stimulating/good quality lessons. On the positve it is only me and a Geog specialist who has taught RE for a few years and works hard at it who delivers Year 9/10 .but in the past I have very reluctant non specialists delivering it so at least that has changed![​IMG]
  4. I am going to be in this position next year. I have decided that we will use the core RE to develop the GCSE RE. So we will cover related but different topics. I will do a new set of topics each half term and start with a media focus.

    So, we are starting with Medical ethics - GCSE classes look at saviour siblings, embryology, transplants, transfusions. Core groups will start with 'My sisters keeper' and think about what 'life' means. Then they will look at abortion and how your belifes affect what you think about the topic, we may then go on to look at other ideas surrounding personhood from a philosophical view point.

    We are in the fortunate position where our core groups will be taught by specialists so it should remain focused on the topic.
  5. I am an NQT, and the only specialist RE teacher in the school. There are 2 non-specialists who each teach one year 11 class.
    Year 10 do no RE at all, and all of the other years (including y11) have it every other week. Because of this there is no way any GCSE, short course or otherwise is possible. I therefore have to teach RE to Y11s who do not see the point in being there as they are "getting nothing out of it."
    I spend a lot of time trying to make my lessons as interesting, engaging, and relevant to them as I possibly can, but feel it is very much a losing battle! (doesn't help that it is all timetabled for friday afternoons!)
    Does anyone have any tips / ideas at all that may help?! PLEASE!
  6. We do AQA B units 1 & 3 for our option groups.
    Some of these pupils get to have additional core lessons with the rest of the year(1hr a week).
    I have killed myself producing a booklet of work for each half term that supports our GCSE but can be taught by non specialists.
    We also do a first Aid certificate so all feel the benefit of that
    This year units have been First Aid, Medical ethics, Drugs, Crime & punishement and SRE update.
    Other year is Parenthood, Sport, Work/ employment, Prejudice & discrimination and democracy.
    Ofsted recently gave us a 1, and we re main provider for pshe and citizenship.
    I can email SOWs but some of the worksheets are copyrighted or not digital, if they would be of use.
  7. this is a bit cheeky- any chance i could see the SofW i am trying to mordernised Core RE at school for yr 10 and 11 - we do a day in year 10 and a day with yr11 - but your topics sound interesting and engaging and i'd love to see what activites you do - it is taught by non- specialists too


    e-mail quest_starz@hotmail.com
  8. Hello - I feel your pain, this is horrid for you. I am afraid I have no real solutions but I can assure you that it does get better after the NQT year, when they are testing you left right and centre. In my NQT year Year 11 really did not enjoy my company! Every NQT has a story they tell about a particular class that they found the hardest...I can also say that it does get better, honestly! It sounds like you are doing all the right things - hang in there! One thing I did try was to give them a selection of contemporary topics with success criteria to research online and produce a moviemaker mini-docu or some such...indendent can sometimes be the way forward and you could make it into a competition with a worthy prize...ball ticket maybe? I think of it as motivational rather than bribery! Ha ha

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