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KS4 Food resources...any pointers?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by lizziegrace, May 26, 2012.

  1. lizziegrace

    lizziegrace New commenter

    Hi! I am about to return to teaching after a (long!) career break raising my family and am going to be teaching a mix of Food, Textiles and Art. I am Art trained with a Textiles degree so those 2 are fine...it's just the GCSE Food that I am apprehensive about! I'll only have one group in both years and due to an "uneasy" working relationship between the current teachers I am unsure how much paperwork will be given to me about SOW etc. Does anyone know of any good resource sites I can plunder? I would particularly love a page by page sort of thing for Y11 coursework ( have looked but not found anything yet...I realise it's not ideal for teachers to follow exemplars but I feel I need a strong framework as I would hate to let the students down :-( We use AQA btw!
    Any pointers in useful directions would be hugely appreciated! Many thanks...
  2. Hi Lizziegrace
    the AQA meeting was very good for food last year, they gave out loads of exemplars colour printed and on CD rom, contact your CAT advisor and I'm sure they will send you a copy.
    There are two AQA textbooks I use both. Nelson Thornes and Hodder Education. The Hodder one seems to be in more detail and will probably suit your higher achievers. You can get a free 30 day online inspection first.
    I have a sow work and recipe book that I give to students - like you I'm textiles first - happy to share if you want to email me. Know how it feels to be a bit on your own as I'm the only food teacher at my school.
    Won't promise its brilliant but I think it covers most of the bases :)

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