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KS4 control and OCR Nat

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by naturalcynic, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Just what exactly are the KS 4 objectives, particularly related to control? What do we have to cover to keep Ofsted satisfied?
    I'm guessing that as a large number of schools do OCR Nats, and they do not include control as a requirement, most schools do not cover NC at KS4. How do others fit this round peg into the square hole?
  2. Sorry - obviously I meant sequencing - too much red wine!
    Would a short series of lessons ( 5 or 6) on scratch or game programming cover it?
  3. If you do the Nationals, no one expects your pupils to do anything hard. Just stick to unit 1 and a couple of the other easy ones.
  4. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    The smaller 21, 22, 23 units which are compulsory for the gcse include sequencing
  5. I take it you are using animation for sequencing there?
  6. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    ^^ Oh, as above - 20 not 21.
  7. No. Sequencing as far as the NC is concerned is not about music technology sequencing. It's about sequencing instructions, using conditionals, booleans, logo, scratch... that sort of thing. Most schools are breaking the law because the OCR doesn't cover it. Ofsted know this so it's unlikely they will crucify a school for not doing sequencing. Possible though.
  8. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    Gosh I would love to know where I'm "breaking the law". Where exactly is sequencing mandatory on http://curriculum.qcda.gov.uk/key-stages-3-and-4/subjects/key-stage-4/ict/index/index.aspx?

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