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ks3 year 9 pe

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by zoody, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. help, i am a biology tewacher,but a triathlete and football player so im fit. I have a job interview in
    spain for a pe post, i have to teach a lesson to 24 year 9 kids, well behaved i think.

    anyone got any tips ideas lessons etc?


  2. see my hrf booklet on resources area of site
  3. what sport do you have to teach
  4. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    Harsh would have been saying "don't undermine our subject by assuming that because you play some weekend football and can swim, bike and run you are capable of teaching physical education" (Even if you play beyond a mid-level Saturday league I have yet to meet a PE teacher whose ability to teach effectively is dependent on their football skill level). Even harsher would have been to say that the internet is full of resources, as any TEACHER worth their salt will know, so rather than simply asking a ridiculously general and frustratingly poorly worded question get off your butt and sort yourself out. Yes, that would have been harsh. So in comparison I was fair I think.

    I would have much more sympathy if the OP had phrased it as "I am lucky enough to have an interview for a position that I am lacking experience in. I have a group of 24 year 9 (mixed gender and ability) for a 1 hour lesson in which I will need to cover a lesson of basketball defensive technique. I am going to focus on man-to-man using small sided half court games, rather than zone; however, I would appreciate some feedback on ideas/drills/games you have used in the past that are effective." This would have indicated a level of subject knowledge from the OP, an initial level of effort to apply some effective techniques and more than anything some respect for our subject. As it stands the OP comes across as inebriated and hoping to get a PE job overseas so they can go live in Spain for a bit without having to worry about planning or marking. I know I am reading a lot into it, but I look at it from the perspective of "would I want to work with this person?" and after reading the post my answer is an overwhelming no.

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