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KS3 written Drama exams

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by charlotterose04, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. charlotterose04

    charlotterose04 New commenter

    Hi everyone! I´m in my second year of teaching Drama, I´m the only Drama teacher in a small international. I have to do mid'year and end of year written exams and was wondering if anyone else does this and what they put in their exams? I´m on my third set of exams now and I just feel like they´re rubbish, I´m asking them about terms and techniques, evaluating their performances, LFX, SFX set design and costumes etc. For a while I had them writing scripts but they turned out to be incredibly tedious for them to write and for me to mark. I´m testing them on the skills that they need to build up for GCSE but they still seem to easy.

    Can anyone share any better ideas?

  2. laurakarai95

    laurakarai95 New commenter

    Hi Charlotte!
    I'd personally say something similar to the GCSE paper in terms of giving them a page of script (that they have looked at/studies) and ask them to write how they would direct/perform this section of script as a particular character using their physical and vocal skills. I do AQA and this works wonderfully to prepare them for GCSE.

  3. krobinsonst

    krobinsonst New commenter

    I am in the same position, drop me a message and i'll snd you my KS3 written exams,

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