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KS3 Writing Samples

Discussion in 'English' started by morgann87, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. morgann87

    morgann87 New commenter

    Hi, does anyone know where I could find student writing samples for Year 7 and Year 8 English showing at level and/or above level?

    Thanks so much
    amysalter777 likes this.
  2. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    For what kind of texts in particular?
  3. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    Levels are long gone.
  4. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    I don't think s/he means any published levels, but maybe where a student would be expected to be at this stage. We still have an idea of that...I hope...
  5. guineastar

    guineastar New commenter

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