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ks3 spreadsheets

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by tashb1101, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I am off for a PGCE interview in which I need to deliver a lesson of spreadsheets to a yr group. I have looked at the curriculum/ national strategies/ framework for teaching ks3 to try and build an idea of the learning objectives the lesson could meet.

    So far. all I have found is that a creating a spreadsheet meets:
    2.2 models and modelling of the National Strategy, and also amending existing models by changing variables and formula.

    Is there a more in depth list some where for example some thing that says to pass spreadsheets you must be able to :.........???

    All help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Previous thread: https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/563442.aspx

    And sounds like you want something like the antiquated: http://www.teach-ict.com/ks3_old/assessment/resources/71.4%20Pupil%20Record%20Sheet.doc and http://www.teach-ict.com/ks3_old/assessment/resources/81.4%20Pupil%20Record%20Sheet.doc
  3. Also, if you're setting up your lesson so kids "pass" the unit of delivery, your lesson is set up as teaching and testing skills rather than learning objectives/outcomes, so you might want to rethink your style.

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