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KS3 science coordinator interview - please help!!!

Discussion in 'Science' started by KatyJo, May 11, 2008.

  1. The new KS3 PoS leaps to my mind! How will you lead this in the dept? What are the priorities? How will you track progress? How will you assess students?

    If you haven't had a managerial role before than remember to concentrate on that side of it in the interview - too many times I interview people who just give examples of what they do in the classroom. I know what they do in the class room but I don't know how they will lead & support people and deal with difficult situations.

    Good luck
  2. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    When you go for positions of responsibility you are dealing with adults in that capacity rather than kids, so focus on that.

    make sure you know the new changes for September especially in how-science-works.
  3. Perhaps transition work and liaison with primary schools, continuity in terms of curriculum coverage
    maintaining records of student achievement and testing
    setting (how often)
    raising achievement of low attainers
    ensuring high achievers have opportunities to develop
    extra curricular activities
    ensuring effective delivery of curriculum by members of the team (and dealing with issues/problems)
    knowledge of what 'value added' means, how to measure it, how to increase it
    how to get borderline level 5s to hit level 5
  4. Thank you for all your advice so far. It is much appreciated.

    Could anybody please give me any advice on how I could focus on managing adults when I have not held a management position in school before? What qualities would I need to present? How could I develop the teaching practice of others?

    How would I support the head of department? I can't think of anything to say other than ensuring I know what the HOD aims are, what my roles include and communicating regularly with the HOD.

    Aside from the new PoL, what should my priorities be? Students progress is already monitored regularly, there are lots of extra curricular opportunities, achievement is very good.....

    Also, I am a little confused in what the differences are between the national curriculum new programme of study, the secdondary science strategy and the LEA secondary strategy. Are they all the same thing?!

    Any more advice would be much appreciated!
  5. Little_Mr_Sunshine

    Little_Mr_Sunshine New commenter

    These are some questions I have been asked when being interviewed for a second in department post.
    If you have a member of staff who is not planning lessons what would you do about it?
    You have recieved a phone call from a parent complaining about your HOD. They say that no homework is being set and the lessons are a riot. What do you do? Do you tell your department heads line manager?
    How can you identify and support an underachieving pupil?
    You may be given some data and asked what stands out.

    Hope this is of help.
  6. Does anybody know what PLT are? I know what the letters stand for (personal learning and thinking skills), but where has the idea come from. Is it anything to do with the new POS?

    Also, can anybody lety me know what CASE letters stand for?

    Thank you!
  7. I got the job! Thanks for all your help!
  8. xxx22xxx

    xxx22xxx New commenter

    What questions were you asked at your interview then???
  9. Yes, please share!
  10. CASE stands for Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education if you still need to know.
    Well done on getting your new job

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