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KS3 Schemes - looking to change

Discussion in 'Science' started by The Modernist, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. I'm just wondering what schemes people are using for KS3? At present we're using Wikid, but in light of the GCSE changes we're looking at moving towards something more content based that skills based.

    What schemes are people using/looking, taking into account the changes?
  2. I must have missed that - when did GCSEs change to becoming more content than skills based? As far as I am concerned they are more skills based than ever! Guess it depends which board you are following?
  3. alessio

    alessio Administrator

    I worked on some resources for both the WJEC and AQA new Science Specifications and I too found them quite skills based. We designed out KS3 SoW around the TASC Framework and designed skills based projects that learners really enjoyed. I think a lot of content can be taught through skills based projects and developing both should be an advantage.
  4. Surfer76 is right, skills are now more challenging at GCSE. They are the same skills that WIKID has emphasised in its teaching at KS3. We have made changes to the terminology like reliability/validity being replaced, but otherwise you would be hard pressed to find a course that focusses more on these fundamentals (in my opinion),
  5. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    What about the changes at KS3 that are on their way?
    Our KS3 scheme could do with a re-vamp but I'm reluctant to get it started as we may have to change again before long.

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