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KS3 Role Advice

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by kiff1972, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. kiff1972

    kiff1972 New commenter

    I'm applying for a KS3 Co-ordinator Role in English. Does anyone have any advice? Any thoughts on things I could research ready for a potential interview?

    Thanking you all in advance!
  2. jago123

    jago123 Established commenter

    As this was posted over a week ago, did you decide to apply for it or are you still thinking about it?

    A KS co-ordinator role is a great progression opportunity if you are looking for a HoD position in a few years time.

    The interview process will be about your previous teaching experience, the results you’ve got out of students- (You could include GCSE too as although these are not taken in KS3, some schools start their GCSE courses in Year 9, so you would be involved in that if this takes place in the school). You may also be asked how you would lead a new initiative to drive performance within KS3 and how you can influence results.
    There might be occasions when you’ll be required to take the lead within the department, do you feel confident in doing this? I’m assuming that the school will have a KS Co-ordinator for KS4 and KS5 too, so you’ll be working closely with them and the HoD.

    In my school, we use to have KS Co-ordinators for subjects, however, we moved away from this structure a couple of years ago, and dependant on the size of department, we have a HoD and a Deputy Head of Department. It’s worked well for us so far.
  3. fkh2904

    fkh2904 New commenter

    It's possibly too late for my comments to make a difference, but I am currently in this role. When I interviewed, I very much took the approach of bridging the gap between KS3 and KS4, making it a more seemless transition. It has since become much more about the transition from KS2 to KS3, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I have spent time working with our trust primary schools and trying to maintain good links between staff and students. I still very much take the view that we need to take action in KS3 over things like literacy intervention and improving reading ages (things that seemed to only take importance in KS4) so that there is less pressure (on staff and students) in KS4 if we address the issues early, but this is a battle I am constantly fighting as some members of the department are reluctant to move away from KS4. Many courses I have been on over the last few years have talked about needing to place much more importance on KS3, but you do need the support of other KS3 co-ordinators and your overall head of KS3, if there is one.

    It's a big job, one that I am really enjoying and has opened my eyes to other potential career progression routes outside of the department, but it is sometimes a thankless task as there are lots of the view that KS3 just isn't important...if you are thick-skinned enough to get over that (some days I am and others I'm really not) then it can also be a really fun and rewarding job. I love the transition days when students come in and already recognise me because of the visits I've done to their primary schools.
  4. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    I hate people who do this but I can't resist on this thread and now I hate myself.


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