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KS3 resources for start up secondary

Discussion in 'Science' started by eross1981, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. eross1981

    eross1981 New commenter

    I am part of a founding team opening a new secondary school abroad following the NC.
    What resources do you recommend for KS3 science? I am currently looking a schemes of work and am interested in the upd8 WIKID course. Has anyone used this. I have a feeling that the parents from the feeded primary are very traditional and will be looking for a textbook too.
    Any suggestions.
  2. WIKID has lots of enthusiastic followers who like the emphasis on meaningful learning and teaching in context. We have received so many reports that it has increased students levels of motivation, skills and independent thinking that it has to be a real effect. Not not many courses can say that - and we're now researching effects on learning.

    Because WIKID is strongly founded on a philosophy that you could call 'authentic science' it's not to everyone's taste.

    Where teachers believe in and embrace the philosophy in their teaching, it can be highly effective.
    If teachers are 'forced' into it, you can guess what happens.

    So it's really important the department gets behind it. WIKID like any major innovation comes with challenges and teething problems.This is probably why many schools adopted then dropped it (sadly from my point of view) to return to the traditional ways.

    Since it's been used by 800 schools, you'll see lots of comments on the site from teachers one way or the other. Mostly these are feelings, and it's good to go deeper to look at the reasons, before writing off something that could be right for your school..

    NEWS Soon schools won't have to buy the whole WIKID programme but can just select the individual activities or sequences of lessons they want, to enhance an existing course,
  3. P.S. There is a text book. It's called Get Science and covers everything in Y7 and Y8. It's a different style to most textbooks and focusses on understanding and practising use of concepts. www.apprend.org.uk.
  4. eross1981

    eross1981 New commenter

    I will be the only science teacher this year as we are only taking on about 70 Y7 so it is really up to me and HT what materials we decide to use. I'd be interested to hear what others are using to help deliver their KS3 courses.


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