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KS3 Resistant Materials - looking for inspiration!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by LaszloLipot, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Take a look at the Signs DMA at http://www.notesandsketches.co.uk/Design_and_Make_Assignment_Signs.html and a few more example design and make assignments at http://www.notesandsketches.co.uk/Design_and_Make_Assignments.html.

    The Signs DMA is a complete package that consists of:
    • step by step instructions for each stage of designing and planning for making
    • links to relevant topics in the KS3 D&T software
    • links to animations:
    • designing by addition, wastage, reforming, bending, rearrangement
    • rotating signs
    • sign and sign holder
    • lettering on signs
    The Signs DMA package also contains 19 design development exercises, with PDF versions for easy photocopying and a 69 page PDF Signs DMA project guide.
    I hope that this is of some help.
    Laszlo Lipot
  2. Thanks for the above responses but I would love to hear from teachers in schools to find out what you are doing?
  3. Since we bought Dye Sublimation equipment, all our projects have been tansformed. I would really recommend it for any depts, but especially those on low budgets as it gives a really professional finish to everything. We've had particular success with our Art Deco / Art Nouveau based jewellery project - having looked at the history of the design movements and the associated designers etc, pupils design their own patterns on the computer and then we print the patterns onto Acrylic... works a treat and looks fantastic. The pupils then create jewellery from the acrylic.
    We're also using it for an mp3 amplifier projects (kitronik) which has also been a huge success. Since introducing the mp3 project, we've has twice as many pupils opting for RM at GCSE.
  4. Hi, I am teaching at the opposite end of the spectrum to you...all boys! But we have an amazing uptake at KS4 with both Res Mat and Graphics! Due to staffinf we teach both of these as separate subject at KS3 and it is woring well.Projects we cover are:
    Res Mat. Graphics.
    yr7 Keyring torch/letter opener( Brass) Basic design skill/ drawing skills spinning top/ money box( mechanisms) lettering/ door hanger ( name plate)
    yr8 Maze box game/steady hand game Isometric/orthographic/rendering
    using kitronics kits/Pods. Pop-upcards/freebies/novelty golf.
    yr9 MP3 stand and amplifier. Mouse mat/candleholder packaging.
    Not that long ago I taught in a mixed school and we did similar projects. Also did things like
    Clocks/jewellery using recycled artefacts. Designing sports kits then transfering this to CAD and making patterns for them to scale. I know that hese projects aren't new, but they are good at covering the skills needed to take students to KS4. Have you looked at the resources section on TES? Or on Helen Hudspith? You might fnd something on there that starts you thinking

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