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KS3 Readiness and the new OFSTED framework

Discussion in 'Primary' started by streetno9, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. streetno9

    streetno9 New commenter

    Hello there. I'm a secondary school teacher and I'm hoping you primary school teachers will be able to give me some insight. Off the back of the new OFSTED framework, is there any appetite for increasing/changing how primary school's are approaching the final half term with year 6 (after the SATS) as it applies to being ready for KS3? Are OFSTED expecting things to be done differently?

    Thanks for your insight.
  2. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul Occasional commenter

    We just play in Year 6 once the SATs are over. So no, don't expect anything different :)
    streetno9 likes this.
  3. streetno9

    streetno9 New commenter

    Now I want to teach year 6...
  4. RepelloInimicum

    RepelloInimicum Lead commenter

    I, along with all other year 6 teachers I expect, have always tried my best to make sure year 6 are KS3-ready.
    With or without OFSTED.
    streetno9 likes this.
  5. Josh7

    Josh7 Occasional commenter

    Well said.

    Are you someone who like me finds target setting meetings insulting because of the implication that without them teachers would not be doing their best to help their pupils learn?
    RepelloInimicum likes this.
  6. streetno9

    streetno9 New commenter

    OK. I didn't anticipate these sorts of responses. I'm not someone who is pointing fingers, just a guy looking at an OFSTED framework, trying to figure out if I've missed anything. Part of me is playing devil's advocate in anticipation of an inspector arriving and asking about what we did to make sure our incoming year 7 students were ready for the rigours of KS3. As a result, I seek only to better understand that which I currently do not - namely what it "looks" like to teach that final KS2, SATS heavy year 6 and how I can make the entry into year 7 that much better for those kids that will find it an ordeal. Any ideas?

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