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KS3 PSHE - what to spend money on?

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by scroydon, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. I have lots of money to spend on ks3 pshe - does anyone have any recommendations?

    Any good textbooks?

  2. textbooks are of limited value IMO, you can get most of the information you need off the web.

    I feel that active lessons are more useful.

    Think about props like drugs boxes, smoking machines etc.

    Visiting speakers.

    Decent AV Equipment, DVD players and projectors. Some decent films and short documentaries. "Should I Smoke Dope?" off the BBC has had a fabulous response in our place.

    If I had a lot of money like you I would also be spending it on photocopying of good resources, folders for the kids, nice ones that raise the status of the subject in their eyes.

    seed money to get activities going that might need equipment. I wanted to start up a free range chicked farm for instance (but can't as we have rats)

    spread it wide, don't blow your whole wad on a huge pile of books that then never get used. Buy one , understand it then produce your own resources.
  3. a decent contraception kit and condom demonstrators (at least 15) at 3 quid a piece (ours are purple! and from contraception education i think)
    felts of all widths, newsprint large paper from YPO for group work, postits, and leave lots for photocopying, blank dvds to record useful things off teachers tv etc, plastic wallets. i wouldn't bother with folders for kids - mine have one per class to store their unit evaluation booklets in which is pretty much the only recorded work they do.
  4. Thanks for replies.

    Drug box http://www.drug-box.co.uk/productsDetail.asp?productID=13 - £350? Is that about right or are there cheaper ones to be found?

    Contraception education have some interesting looking resources http://www.contraceptioneducation.co.uk/shop/Details.asp. I'll get the kit's and condom demontrators. Has anyone tried the contraception boardgame, DVD, or computer game?

    Also - Posters and wallcharts? I've found some already http://www.rapidonline.com/productinfo.aspx?tier1=educati... - but are there any particular recommendations for good posters?


    ? PSHE KS3 (Personal, Social and Health Education) by Jackie Hill, Cathy Rushforth, and Jill Tordoff (Spiral-bound - 4 Jul 2003) £33.25

    ? Student Book Year 7 (11-12) (21st Century Citizenship & PSHE): Year 7 Student Book by Stephanie Yates and Eileen Osborne (Paperback - 31 Mar 2006) £11.99

    ? Student Book Year 8 (12-13) (21st Century Citizenship & PSHE): Year 8 Student Book by Stephanie Yates and Eileen Osborne (Paperback - 31 Mar 2006) £11.99

    ? Student Book Year 9 (13-14) (21st Century Citizenship & PSHE): Year 9 Student Book by Stephanie Yates and Eileen Osborne (Paperback - 31 Mar 2006) £11.39

    ? Citizenship and PSHE: Year 9 Student Book (Citizenship & Pshe) by Eileen Osborne, Steph Yates, Kathy Baxendale, and Keith Howard (Paperback - April 2001) £11.99

    ? KS4 PSHE: Workbook Pt. 1 & 2 (Workbook) by Richard Parsons (Paperback - 3 Oct 2003) £4.50

    Any other top tips?

  5. No way would I pay £350 for a drug box.

    Make one yourself.

    Ajax in a plastic bag, rollups, a hypodermic needle, one with some burnt sugar in it, alcohol, beer bottles, glue, oxo cube, aspirin with the letter e scratched in it, a few piriton etc', a rolled up $5 note (or monopoly cash)

    if is challenge the reality point out tht in many cases exactly this sort of stuff is often sold as real in night clubs.
  6. you can borrow drugs kits from your local police officer who is assigned to your school. in fact i have just been given mine from our bobby cos he has a new one!
    get pink and proud resource from rotherham teachers centre - great stuff for teaching about sexuality. get your contra kit from fpa cos they are real things rather than photocopies of things from contraception education tho they are useful as backup and i do have them. i dont tend to use computer resources cos we can never get in an IT suite and if the power goes or the system crashes you are stuffed! lots of newsprint paper is so very useful!
  7. you may want to buy a video camera to film stuff.
  8. What about information on nutrition or goal setting? How much do these feature on the programme?
  9. With practical workbooks they can work through to make a real day-by-day difference to their lives.

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