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KS3 Project - A new approach for Primary Research

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Get_me_outta_here!, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. A year 9 project which I deliver uses a questionnaire as primary research. It's a tick the box feature which needs changing! Pupils end up making up the answers to suit their intended project and I feel it underminds the entire process. Help!
    Anyone use any other primary research that works well that the pupils actually enjoy?
    (project is a CAD/CAM novelty photo-frame)
  2. I've got a set of images that I printed and laminated, including the price and sizing, and get the kids to do product analysis on them - it works out at around 1 between 2, and then they swap and do a different product, before discussing their findings in tables and feeding back to the group...
    For questionnaires, I usually set them as homework, and suggest they ask their form tutor, parents, siblings etc.... We create a list of "targets" to ask and then use a random number of class mates as well.
  3. Use a different form of primary research - set the target market and ask them to produce client profiles or another thing we do is asking to design for a specific brand. We use the shop liberty and ask them to research both the historical origins (arts and crafts) and current markets - which can be very modern. Another idea is to set the theme e.g nature and machine. They then produce inspiration boards based on it.

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