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KS3 Literacy Intervention

Discussion in 'English' started by jennywren1000, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. jennywren1000

    jennywren1000 New commenter

    I'm an English teacher by trade, but have just started a new job as a Literacy Mentor. This is a new post, so the school have no real idea as to what exactly the role should involve; in some ways, this is great, as I have autonomy, but it'd also be reassuring to know what resources/websites/programmes other schools use for this, so that I know I'm on the right lines...!
    They have a programme called Lexia already.
    I will be taking one to ones/small groups of KS3 students for a term at a time, withdrawn from their lesson.
    Any pointers very gratefully received - thanks in advance!!!
  2. install

    install Star commenter

    1 Make it Whole School
    2 Don't withdraw students out of English
    3 Begin with one aim eg all subjects to circle spelling errors and use 'Sp'
    4 Check if you have Literacy Budget
    5 Encourage there to be Literacy Champions in every subject
    6 Let staff know that every subject has an element of Literacy
    7 Get key words off each subject that students need to use/know
    8 Encourage reading in tutor time
    9 Don't let your English specialism be confused with Literacy
    10 Get some training on Literacy teaching and appriaches eg phonics, 121, small classes, Literacy across the school

    Good luck!

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