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KS3 Level Descriptors - time to update!!!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by bigbrother, May 12, 2009.

  1. I am also going to redo my KS3 level descriptors and would appreciate a copy of your assessment grid misssmile. My current ones are due for an update.
    If anyone wants to discuss new levels etc I would be happy to bounce aorund ideas and discuss.
  2. Hi there! I'm struggling to re-create the level descriptors into student friendly assessment grids but they always seem to be pages long and too complicated.
    If your offer stands of a copy of what you're creating, I would appreciate it.[​IMG]
  3. Here's my descriptors nicked from a number of sources, I think i used yours Teachur!! But what I concentrated on was having strands which progress in each section which makes them ideal for automated report writing, something I'm still working on!

  4. Hello
    I know you posted this a few years ago, but I wondering if i could get a copy of your levels? Despite being English, I teach Performing Arts in Northern Ireland....we are only just beginning to introduce levels! I used them when I was teaching in England, but I'm looking for better ones!


    A teacher in need
  5. I use a really simple system that comprises four bands only (with sublevels) in the three areas of groupwork skills, performance skills and evaluation skills. The kids understand it, I can fit it on one side of A4 so it goes home on the back of project evaluation homework sheets and parents then get to see how the students' marks are awarded. Works really well for me. If anyone's interested, email me and I'll send you a copy... jencros at fastmail dot fm.
  6. Yes. Email me at the address on my post above, and I'll send the details to your email address.
  7. I did some which I posted on the resources section here. I called them 'realistic drama levels'. They are not perfect, but the kids really find it easy to understand them. I appreciate any feedback people have as to possible changes.....
  8. I have created my own Level descriptors using APP - influenced by the PE national curriculum structure within our school. The level descriptors are a unique combination of our GCSE Unit 3 performance assessment requirements (As they do edexcel drama at GCSE and Alevel) and the Arts council document for Drama in Schools. I spent the whole of a summer creating it and a year perfecting it and rounding it to a clear working document. By using aAPP the students can see the areas they are weaker at and are able to get better. I have used the descriptors this way, as the work they do should enable them to get used to the way of assessment at GCSE also. I dont know if you would be interested in this. If you are pop me an email.... jojowa2@hotmail.com


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