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KS3 Graphic Products project 7-10 weeks in length Year 9 - ideas?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Daddy_Pig, May 17, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]Would love to see anything you have on this. Many thanks.
  2. Hi
    I'm looking for a new project for my year 9's, could I see the resources and the SoW?
    Many Thanks
  3. Mollys,
    Would like to look at your Yr9 SOW and Resources for the Music Festival Project. We also struggle with getting year 9s to opt for GP and are looking for a project with the "cool factor". Looking forward to seeing your ideas! hayley.garland@ntlworld.com [​IMG]
  4. any resources, pictures SOW gratefully recieved.
    alli x
  5. dttrainee

    dttrainee New commenter

    If you are able to send this to me through my website


    I will add it to my site so all can share and use.
  6. Have uploaded on here - search for Mollys yr 9 festival
    Let me know what you think [​IMG]
  7. This reply may be a bit late. I have Yr 9 Graphics as a 6 month option here in NZ. My programme is to design an identification label for their graphics folder which we laminate (and this makes it look soooo much more professional) We look at logos, colour theory, typography, shapes etc. Then they replicate their own bedroom using Archicad (free education version from Graphisoft) We look at paln views etc, Then we draw it in perspective and present their drawings and the CAD images as a poster. And finally we make a flat pack toy - look up paper toys for examples. You can have a "theme" I have done cartoon figures. So we are looking at net development etc. They all seem to enjoy themselves and learn as well, The reason I get them to replicate theri own room is that they can measure it at home and sketch a plan view.Also they tend to get carried away with spa pools and enormous TVs etc if you give them free reign (but of course they don't seem to realise I have no idea what their room looks like!)
  8. Hello just read your thread and would love to have a look at SoW and resources - I am just about to start NQT year and have been asked to teach graphics
    [​IMG]my email is kathrynmiles11@yahoo.co.uk
    Thank you very much

  9. Did the osw geet put onto helen Hudspith's site or even this one. What was it saves as as I have nbeen looking.
  10. Hi Molly - I wondered if you could send me the scheme/ resources as it sounds really exciting - than you x x kathrynmiles11@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks
  11. You're welcome to search through my image gallery for ideas. When i've time I intend to gather all the project booklets/PP's/and exemplar material that supports each project and make them available separately or as packs. An early retirement thing .........

  12. Hi Bubblegum,
    yes, it was uploaded at the time as requested.
    Search 'Mollys Yr9 Festival Project (Graphics)'
  13. Would you please send me some resources about this brilliant project, I would be very grateful.
    My email is serymedard@hotmail.com
    Thanks in advance,
  14. I am having the same issues, as a department we are struggling to be able to come up with a decent year 9 graphics project in which the pupils can relate to.

    As and NQT I would appreciate some help with regards to generating some ideas,

    Preferably a project in which the pupils can relate to and put in context. Currently pupils do an 8 week project on developing a wide range of graphics skills and mini projects that will help them in gcse...


  15. gandy

    gandy New commenter

    I would be interested in this great resource. I'm more than happy to exchange some resources.

    My email is andrewdavidhirst@googlemail.com


  16. Hiya I know this was a long time ago but I was hoping you had some resources still that you wouldn't mind sending me? I have to write 3 SOW as we are introducing Graphics to KS3 for the first time!
  17. I would love to share resources..

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