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KS3 English Assessment

Discussion in 'English' started by english.teacher, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. english.teacher

    english.teacher New commenter

    Good non fiction units at year 9 are our department's bugbear. Been trying different ones for years, but just can't find one we're happy with.

    I just completed a bridge task between year 9 and GCSE with Shakespeare which seems to be working. We're using the APP grids along side the English Language Unit 3a and English literature Unit 3 SLH units (AQA) and using all three to develop essay writing skills. They wrote notes as they would for a GCSE paper and although we used an Old sats paper, I encouraged them to get evidence from across the text as they would for GCSE.
    Not that exciting I know, but it's a start...
  2. genb79

    genb79 New commenter

    Through Years 7, 8 & 9 we use APP, but in our own way. We have mapped the AFs across each year group, focusing on two AFs (alternating reading and writing) per half term. These tie in with the topics but are the main focus of each unit. Progression then can be monitored across each year group because each year group covers the same AFs. Speaking and listening is assessed alongside the other units at the teacher's discretion, again using assessment focuses.
    We mark assessments at the start of each half term, giving lots of feedback and details on how to progress to the next level in that particular AF. We then spend the rest of the half term teaching those two AFs, then the students produce another assessed piece at the end of the half term, which we mark with a fine level, thus (hopefully) demonstrating progress.
    Hope this is useful and makes sense!
  3. Thanks genb, we have been doing something similar, it just seems to be a logistical nightmare. Think I need to simplify and reduce the number of AFs...
  4. TESEnglish

    TESEnglish Occasional commenter

    Hello Amsham,

    If you intend to continue with APP, you
    might find this collection useful:

    collection includes information, advice, guidance and support for
    departments / teachers implementing and applying APP in English at Key
    Stage 3.
    Also included within the collection is a Year 9 scheme of
    work and teaching resource pack - Lone Voices: Children on the
    Outside. It takes the idea of children at its centre and looks at the
    different ways, across time, that they have suffered during war. It
    uses extracts from texts, both fiction and non-fiction, to explore the

    Kind regards,

    Chantel Mathias

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