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KS3 Curriculum

Discussion in 'English' started by juxta, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. juxta

    juxta New commenter

    I'm currently supporting my Hod in looking into the possibility of radically overhauling our KS3 curriculum. Our SOW have been the same for too long and they are looking tired and outdated! Can anyone share any inspirational ideas? We want to build a curriculum that reflects the modern world in which our students live, without neglecting the glorious tradition of the subject.

    I would love to hear your suggestions, your attempts at new things, success stories and even ideas that didn't quite work.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    Chrome = no paragraphs!

    Personally, I think the structure of the MYP program makes much more sense than the '6 units a year' frame so common in the UK. Each unit incorporates all the 'elements' of English such as poetry, drama, fiction etc. so the learners have regular exposure to various forms of literary and non-literary communication. Seems to me this could only make them feel more confident in approaching each element...

    Our outcomes tend to be 'real world' focused, so (for example) in a Media unit the classes deconstructed various moving image genres before planning and filming their own. The final products went into a very successful charity film festival held in the evening with parents invited in.

    A unit on advertising saw them pitching products (a la Dragons' Den) to a partner class in the US - use epals.com to find interested teachers abroad.

    A poetry unit ended in a show with dramatic performances of chosen poems, both from published writers and the learners themselves.

    A non-fiction/poetry unit had them looking at their own beliefs, exploring them through poetry and then producing articles for thisibelieve.org.

    For Drama, we were planning a festival where learners led workshops for attendees from invited schools. Not sure if that's happening but you get the idea.

    Hope this gets you started and it'd be great to hear others' ideas.
  3. juxta

    juxta New commenter

    Thanks for these ideas! We have the resources and equipment for students to do some sort of filming and I particularly like the 'Dragon's Den' idea with links to US schools.


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