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KS3 Curriculum Leader

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by chris_elevate, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Just wondered what sort of timetable reduction schools tend to give for the KS3 Curriculum Leader role in order to do the job? Also what sort of TLR they would pay in a school of 1250 students where ICT is 1 hour a week and a core subject in KS4?
  2. I get one hour a week but am the only one to get it this year in school - think I just slipped through the net when all KS3 coordinators had it removed last year.
    I get a TLR2b... think that is about an extra £2000 or £2500 a year... can't remember exactly.
  3. I'm not sure the KS4 core has much relevance to your work at KS3 - but I wouldn't expect any periods off for this if you're having a TLR - which is likely to be bottom of the TLR2 (~£2,500).
    It depends on your needs as a school though. If you're going to rewrite the KS3 curriculum completely, unit by unit and lesson by lesson yourself, linking to APP, FS and the strategy then it's a huge job and could do with an hour off a week/fortnight to lead your department on this...


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