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KS3 Coordinator

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by rogerjob, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. I have accepted the post of KS3 coordinator at my school - (Just completed NQT year).
    While I have my own ideas, I welcome some suggestions and advice on what should be my priorities, essential tasks, and advisable actions in the new school year?
  2. Which are.......
    To help those along with how you can go forward giving some idea of what you have addressed and the context of your school may lead to more specific points.
  3. Whatever the subject leader has identified

    As Betamale says these will depend on your school's position and needs
  4. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    Yes, much depends on your boss, but ultimately, you're assisting the HoD run the department and, as such, your key duties are likely to be administrative rather than strategic. If you have your own ideas for development, and your HoD is happy for you to implement these then fine. However, unless KS3 is in dire straits, I'd suggest you do absolutely nothing other than the core administrative tasks, and use your first few terms, at least, in the post to see what works, and what may need to be tweaked/changed/developed.
    If your HoD is anything like me, they're likely to be a control freak and do most of it themselves anyway - but then, I don't have the luxury of a KS3 coordinator, or indeed a coordinator of any other key stage for that matter.

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