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KS3 Coordinator-now or next year?

Discussion in 'Science' started by sciencequeen00, May 15, 2009.

  1. sciencequeen00

    sciencequeen00 New commenter

    have been teaching 2 years, love and really enjoy teaching ks3! There is a position free at my school, sadly though its seems like we don’t have the funds at the moment to have anyone fill the job....As a young teacher I am keen to develope and would like to eventually do this job, say in a years time when more money available...and also when I am confident to do it! To try and develope into a ks3 coordinator I am now taking on all the year 7 science and once this is nailed go onto do all the year 8 and so on.....I get the impression that people in my department think I should just do the whole job now (I have been doing abit of year 7 already!).....only problem is I would but I would prefer to learn it over next year and then get paid for it and do a proper job. My boyfriend said I should just have a go at being ks3 coordinator now and either "sink or swim”. I like his thinking but would prefer not to mess up ks3 and do a bad job and instead learn gradually from my HOD over next year -Who also said he would develope me as ks3 co and build up evidence/portfolio with me on it!Any thoughts, ideas on how to progress up to ks3 co would be very helpful!

  2. This sounds like de-ja vu to me!!! I was in a totally similar situation 5 years ago and am now HOD. I was thrown in at the deep end with only 2 years teaching experience in a school that had just gone into special measures. We are now a specialist science college. I had the same fears but i had a fantastic HOD and a very supportive team behind me. It sounds like you have the same. This would be the perfect time for you to stamp your mark as you can implement the new HSW and APP. My adivce would be to only change one thing at a time, talk to your team about any new ideas to get thier input and ask for help when you need it. Honestly just go for it you have nothing to lose. If you need any help or advice id be happy to help
    Good luck
  3. Hi Lisa
    I have just read your inspiring response to a fellow TES, I have just applied for KS3 coordinator at my school. Would you be kind enough to share any advice for the interview, any new initiatives, buzz words or strategies. I am a DT teacher who is feeling a bit nervous, I have been teaching for 3 years.
    Thankyou for your precious time.
  4. Hi Kelly,
    It is quite difficult to give good advice as im not sure of the context of your school but....
    My advice to you would be research STEM and the way in which you can make it high profile within the school. Also you should be looking at cross curricular themes to fit in with the new N.C. You could suggest off timetable days for each year group where they experience lots of different subjects under the same theme.(not sure if you already do it at your school). You could also coordinate crest award projects as extracurricular awards for your gifted and talented as this spans DT, science,literacy and numeracy.
    Hope this helps but if you have any Q's let me know.
    Good Luck
  5. Cornholio

    Cornholio New commenter

    Do it. Don't read too much into the role, a good teacher will be able to do it with ease. I understand your fears but you really wont 'mess things up', the worst you can do is allow KS3 to tread water.
    Focus on what you want the department to include in their teaching, a system so to speak. Things like simple starters, key words, differentiation, AFL, other assessment oportunities, practicals and a simple yet productive tracking system should be included. Your system should be fairly lightweight in terms of a SOW, just include essentials and leave the rest to the individual teachers. All of the above is well within the grasp of a competent NQT so I would expect a teacher of two years to be able to manage it all.
    Golden rules:
    * Keep it simple
    * Focus on the students and what they are doing
    * Don't overload staff with every new initiative, you should cherry pick what will work for your students
    * Trust staff to get on with it
    Your idea of gradually rolling out Year 7, 8 and 9 is good but if you get a solid sytem you can very quickly transfer the Year 8 & 9 SOW into it, i.e. you may not need to wait as long as you think. Evaluate your progress and ask staff for feedback on what you are doing. Don't be afraid to drop things that are not working but make sure you know why. Don't drop things from your system without having a better thing to replace them with.
    Be confident in your abilities and those of your fellow staff. Use the support of your HOD and others in school and outside of school. Get a system in place and then allow the staff to teach it how they wish.
    Good Luck
  6. Seize the moment, if one of your colleagues leaves their replacement might have a stronger CV and claim to the post.
    Extra-curricular activities include Top of The bench, Extreme Physics, Salters etc.
  7. emkay

    emkay New commenter

    been doing a ks3 coordinator job for a few years now ... initiatives which work are the key, drop the ones which don't work. Sounds so simple but some staff are stuck in their ways and don't like 'change'. Show them that your initiatives are easier to do and are more effective - it usually works!
    Some things I brought in are...
    preunit 'quiz' not test - gives a start level so progression can be shown within a unit of work. Great AFL tool as well. Kids would rather do a quiz than a test.
    showing the kids how to achieve the levels - break down the curriculum into kids speak levels. eg, to get a level 4 you need to know .....blah, blah.
    end of unit tests - mark them, level them, target their 'misunderstandings' and target these. 2/3 weeks later give them a homework on these pieces of work. This sounds very time consuming but if you have test-base it is dead easy.
    Ofsted love these ideas ... kids know were they are starting from, know how to get the level they need, and know what to target to improve.
    Hope this helps.

  8. These are really helpful ideas emkay - thanks for taking the time to share them.
    I'm very interested in the pre-unit levelled quiz - but have a couple of questions - I'm relatively inexperenced, so my apologies if these points should be obvious:
    1. Does the quiz include <u>content </u>that the children have not met yet and will be covered in the topic ... I'm not clear how you show progression in that topic if it does not ... yet if it does ...?!
    2. Just so I understand, would you normally run the "quiz" from the whiteboard, rather than individual question papers ... say 10-20 multiple choice questions. I'm not sure I'd be confident to compose those questions in such a way that I could accurately derive a lesson from scores
  9. ".. derive a lesson from scores" ... er ... "derive a <u>level"</u> (sorry)
  10. Cornholio

    Cornholio New commenter

    Indeed. For many internal posts it's simply a case of if your face fits. They already have someone in mind. Leave it and move on. Keep going in your current school or look for a new challenge elsewhere.
    It's tough neha but don't let it get you down.
  11. Evertonian

    Evertonian New commenter

    Agreed, that's tricky Neha...I guess it depends on who got it instead. If they are doing something you aren't then there would be a clue but I suppose each SMT has it's own style of person they want below...sounds like you are working really hard and doing loads though! With every school being different I suppose it's difficult to say much more but be proud of all the good things you have been doing.

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