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KS3 Assessment

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jessie31, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. <font size="2">Hello fellow DT teachers! I must admit I'm in a bit of a pickle. I am trying to smooth out the way we level pupils in yr 7-9. I feel that we are not consistent in the department and find it difficult to pass on information when teaching students on a carousel basis. How do other schools do this? Do you all face just as many obstacles and battle through some teachers not completing levelling? How do you manage when some students can gain level 3 then level5 in the same year but different projects?</font>
  2. finamar

    finamar New commenter

    Have a look on this site for resources. This link will take you to some assessment stuff that I did. It may help!

    It includes posters for the wall, assessment cards which I laminate and an assessment booklet that takes the students through to the end of the key stage.

    There are other similar resources on the site as well.
  3. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    Consistency is key. As a HOD I ensure that everyone has the same resources, exactly the same SOW, access to the same exemplar, the same level process and guidance and importantly the same input. I keep centralised marking sheets and monitor staff on a regular basis. The teachers are then able to enrich this process with their own style and particular skills, progress the students and perfect themselves as practioners. All this set up takes time, 2-3 years was spent to get to a fully systemised approach in my school and with it we get a 97% A*-C pass rate with 190 boys at GCSE and 100% A*-C at A level with 30 boys. As time goes on these systems are then developed and enriched further by the staff, they take ownership and train new staff and so the cycle continues. It can be done and if you give yourself time you will make some great changes, good luck!!
  4. Agree with Spencer- consistency and training plus cross moderation twice a year. We started portfolios 3 years ago with 3-4 sheets from each project kept and now at end of year 9 the progression shows and we can revisit our marking with new people. Also keep files of exemplar work. We also have outstanding results in all material areas.
    My colleague and I were also involved in QCA exemplification project which helped enormously.

    I still don't think that many people know about this given that the govt stuffed us just a the end of the 3 year project!
  5. foxbat

    foxbat New commenter

    Hi Spencer
    I wondered if I could email you with some questions? I have at moment a real problem with assessments across KS3. Long story, sounds though like you have a system worth replicating.
  6. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    Post your questions up here Tom, then atleast you can get a second opinion on any recommendations I may be able to make. Don't be shy a problem shared and all that[​IMG]
  7. foxbat

    foxbat New commenter

    Thanks Spencer I will.
    The background...I am HOD of a smallish dept, which now includes Art.
    I have been in post for about 2 and a half years and have tried to implement assessment regimes that fulfil school policy but that also fulfils my need to make it valuable, relevant, useful to students and ensures that come a subject inspection I am watertight. I'll be honest and admit that I haven't quite got it right yet.
    The school insists on 2 stars and a wish for assessments. We are also obliged to enter an NC level every 6 weeks. We rotate students roughly every 9 weeks between food/RMT/graphics/textiles. The quality of teaching in these different areas varies from good to inadequate, the assessment students receive is also from good to inadequate.

    I am in a quandary about how to best instigate a best practice assessment regime that takes into account the nature of our subject (lots of verbal feedback), fulfils school policy, if anyone knows a more grownup version of 2 stars and a wish I would love to hear it, and ticks the ofsted boxes.. Whilst also not being to demanding of the teachers. I don't want to mark work as much as an English/maths teacher has to. The results must ensure that the students know where they're at, how to improve etc..

    Spencer, I don't know if you can help at all, but I will say that I very much appreciate your help, and also your recent post regarding ofsted style lesson observations that have to show progress. I fully agree that blooms taxonomy is a fantastic method to show progress in lessons.

    Anyway, I look forward to responses.


  8. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    Right....Ok Rome was not built in a day.
    Firstly is it safe to assume that the staff who mark well and assess well are also succeeding in the classroom and vice versa? I am a HOD but also the school Lead Professional Coach and mentor and know only too well the effect one member of staff can have on another. So think about providing support for you struggling staff and set up a mentoring system. Your mentors can be a) HOD or b) a member of dt staff suceeding or c) an AST or equivalent member of staff around the school. This role will enrich their approach and experience as mentor and the mentee's receive real guidance and friendly support. I see 15 members of staff and the job is so rewarding its untrue.
    Marking: I put NC levels, student and staff evaluation and a grade on all KS3 SOW. You cant do that overnight, but you can make a slip with this info on it, photocopy, trim, hand out the staff and kids fill out and then staple on their work. Make up a quick excel sheet and keep it in central area and all info is entered. You and everyone can see who has entered and who has not, both staff and pupils. Do this for Yr7 only for now, start small and get it right on a small scale.
    Thats it for now, get this part licked then we will look at more. If it is'nt perfect, dont panic, just try and modify and mate.......you'll be fine cos you care!!


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