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KS3 assessment folders

Discussion in 'English' started by markuss, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Sorry. Don't see the logic in NC terms trying to level one thing. NC descriptions only fit a body of evidence assembled over time (three years, in the case of KS3).
    You may not want to "level" every piece because if they do something better along the same lines later, you'll discard the earlier one. So, you'll have wasted your time and misled the student if you've told them their level.
  2. EmmaBB

    EmmaBB New commenter

    We're just scrapping this. We've had folefrs of APP evidence gathering for years & never looked at. In light of new Controlled Assessments, we are not drafting and focussing on planning.
    Exercise books will have the APP sheet sfor teacher sin and we will use simple feedback sheets with self & peer assessments on which are glued in books. APP sheets will be collated at the end of the year & passed on to next teachers. In theory!
    We've switched back & forth from folders to not folders for years. Personally I have never looked at anything once it goes in the folder so finally they are going & I can find something else to clutter the office shelves with!
  3. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    We are meant to level every fortnight.
    No, I don't.
  4. markuss - surely students need to know the level they achieved for a piece of work - they have to know what they did well and how to improve to the next level.
  5. We're just starting to firm up a way of working on this.
    Levelling 2 or 3 pieces of work per half term with one or two AF per piece.
    Annotated APP grids to be passed on at the end of the year which should show what the child has achieved in each AF and we are asking for a few pieces of work to go with this to act as evidence. This evidence should be from the end of the year (now!) as this should show the progress has been made, although inevitably it will be impossible to have evidence for every AF under this system!
    Still open to suggestions for better/additional ideas too!
  6. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    Kebooth, we used to do what you do but now we've cut it down to three refracted pieces a year and three CAs. All are levelled and targets are set from them. We've all but given up on APP. The levels from these pieces and three speaking and listening tasks are averaged out for the TA level at the end of the year. Although you can't really level single pieces of work, it's happened in every school I've worked in and it is a best fit judgement. I'm pretty sure that markuss doesn't teach in mainstream and so is talking from an ideological point of view - I don't know any English teacher who doesn't level single pieces of KS3 work.

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