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KS3 APP SCIENCE Nightmare!!!!

Discussion in 'Science' started by almann1979, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. almann1979

    almann1979 New commenter

    im sure this has been asked, asked again, and answered several times. I have done a forum, search though, and cant quite find what i am looking for.
    Over the easter hols i need to put together an assessment pack that ocvers all the strands of the APP so i can show the H.O.D what my plan is for next year (i am KS3 Co-ordinator). I am using the badger assessment material, and old spotlight worksheets.

    However, looking at all the bullet points on the poster with the 5 strands on, i am feeling like i cannot do this - not without giving all the staff in the department far too much marking.

    i must be missing something here!!

    can somebody please please help with a sensible suggestion of how their dept is tackling this APP?? Must all bullet points be covered?? how many assessment tasks are you setting?? will i ever get my head round it??
    im off to the beer fridge :)

    thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Try using Exploring science package , theres one for Yr 7 and 8 soon for yr 9 too.
  3. Hi Almann, You need to check with the local LEA science advisor before doing this but...
    When our advisor was in he informed us that the new APP and its assessment is at the departments discretion. It doesn't have to be a formal written task or test. The assessment opportunity is up to the specific department allowing you to assess in different ways and chuck in a bit of AfL at the same time.
    For example, we have just written the new year 7 SoW with names like 'The Grand Canyon' and 'Wizzes and Bangs'. So for the APP for grand canyon it could cover, lets say, modelling. So the students could make a paper mache volcano. The assessment criteria would be level 3 would make a mound. Level 4 would make a mound with a hole for lava. Level 5 would make a mound with lave but a cross through section. Level 6 ditto, but with labels.
    The teacher could then judge the level by looking at the APP criteria but also the new NC criteria. This would mean trusting the teachers decision which some SLT or SMT (what ever you call them!) might find difficult. In fact when our LEA advisor came in we specifically had SMT there to hear the advise.
    The assessments you use could include successfully making a chemical substance (copper sulphate?), making a model of a cell, carrying a presentation about moments, growing plants and trying different growing conditions. The opportunities are up to you and the department but the idea is to move away from specific tests. Though we will still include these periodically but the APP is to show constant monitoring of student progress and progression across the three years.
    I think we are also doing the same for year 8. Then in year 9 we are going to run 5 projects over an extended period of time. Each project would be dedicated to a specific APP point. Allowing the students to progress during the project to show improvement in ability. Then after may start GCSE.
    Hope that helps
    Good Luck
  4. almann1979

    almann1979 New commenter

    Thanks speacock. I was worried that i had to provide assessment material that would allow me to tick off every single bullet point in each of the APP strands, which would be an enormous task.
    So if i get you correctly, what you are saying is that as long as i provide regular assessment which i can accurately level, i do not need to worry about covering all the bullet points on the APP strands?
    Do i need to show that the assessment material i offer applies to all the strands?? e.g do i have to have a folder with the assessments in stating "task one covers strand 2"?? is that what ofstead would look for??
    thanks for the help, much appreciated.

  5. sci84

    sci84 New commenter

    APP is about using the work the pupils do everyday, not writing lots of extra assessments. We intend to have the APP sheet in the front of each pupil's book (e.g. the two level sheet depending upon their target level). In our everyday marking we will then highlight areas that have been achieved. Once a term we will then, in discussion with the pupil, assign a TA level. We intend to reduce formal tests to twice per year. If we find that there are particular areas of the APP criteria not being covered, then teachers can adapt their planning accordingly and if necessary "tweak" schemes of work to ensure coverage. I believe this is much more in the spirit of what APP intended rather than writing lots of assessments.
  6. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Are you sure that 'modelling' means making a model? My interpretation of modelling for science would be something like using dots and crosses for the structure of the atom and bonding (I know that that is not KS3) not actually constructing a model! If that was the case then someone doing a drawing of a cell would qualify as 'modelling'!

    Besides if you get the to make a volcano what are the geography dept going to do for the term it takes them to do Volcanoes?
  7. Yeah sorry about the modelling thing, I ended up rambling, but it was discussed with LEA advisor as a means of assessment. Also, I'm quite sure we teach more than geography so they will have to find new toys to play with.
    In terms of assessment though I like the previous comment abouting tweaking. This is particularly true for year 7 as we had already written the entire year SoW prior to the SATs announcement. But we are making them more central to the new year 8 SoW and year 9 projects.
    I also liked the comment about student comments about their own progress in their books. Letting them realise what level they are reaching and how to improve their personal performance is quite central to the new APP. OFSTED would explode with glee if you could demonstrate it. Not that you should write SoW for them but including wouldn't hurt.
    Again check with your LEA and speak to SLT to ease the shock of not having tests!
  8. Um, in terms of showing assessment I think that is between you SLT and LEA. I think it would help you if you could show that certain assessment points cover APP points. But also think about progression as well. Students need to demonstrate progression over the three years of KS3 (possibly two if you are thinking GCSE in year 9) and I think if OFSTED come in they might ask students if they know how to improve.
    In terms of all of the bullet points I think they need to cover the necessary ones for that year group by the end of the year. So not each assessment needs to cover all of assessment points. If that makes sense?.
    Anyway I don't envy your task. Good luck.
  9. Henriettawasp

    Henriettawasp New commenter

    Sounds straightforward - but how do you decide if the target has been achieved? When it is done once, over several lessons, all the time? I seem to recall the phrase '...can consistently...' crops up a lot in the assessment criteria.
  10. almann1979

    almann1979 New commenter

    Im not sure there im afraid. but i doubt ofstead would look for evidence of how consistantly a target is met - that should just be teacher judgement in my view.

  11. sci84

    sci84 New commenter

    I have put together draft versions of documents to go in the front of pupils' books (the idea of a progression tree came out of a training day).
    Having trouble with the seacrh facility on resources, but the direct link is https://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6011849
    Only an idea currently, but let me know your thoughts
  12. Sorry but that link does not work for me. Any other way you could link to your resources? Cheers.
  13. peterdevon

    peterdevon New commenter

    Click on the contributer's name and follow the link from there

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