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KS3 & 4 Complete Curriculum

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by SpiderScripts, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. SpiderScripts

    SpiderScripts New commenter

    I teach in an 11-19 school where we have gotten ourselves in a bit of a mess by trying to create a bespoke scheme of work for years 7-11 from scratch.

    The reality of this job is that it is far more work than we have the capacity for as a faculty, and at the moment the only solution I can see is to scrap the bulk of what we have done and buy in someone else's scheme of work.

    The trouble is, other than text book publishers, I'm not really sure where to look for complete curriculum maps, it's easy enough to find individual resources, but a whole curriculum is a big ask and not so easy to track down.

    We would be quite happy to pay for something if it was of a good quality, but the key would be for the assessment materials to be part of the package. Day to day lesson resources aren't such a problem (although obviously they would be nice!), but we don't have assessment materials in place, and what exists just doesn't match our schemes of work.

    Any and all suggestions would be welcome!
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  2. PFCDaz

    PFCDaz New commenter


    perhaps not the awarding organisation you are using but the content of the new GCSE is broken down clearly in the specification and the curriculum plans cover yr 9 onwards, They could be easily adapted and possibly useful as a starting point.

    Also the check in tests may be useful for ongoing assessment. (the disclaimer being that I work for OCR)
  3. Tandy

    Tandy New commenter

    You can download a complete scheme from Year 1 - Year 11 (broken into scheme of work Year 1-9 and KS4), as well as a spreadsheet of 'concepts to secure' for free here: http://lasalle-education.com/freeresources

    I hope that is helpful.
  4. inara14

    inara14 New commenter

    Kangaroo Maths have their old schemes which are reasonable but also their new schemes which are more mastery style. They look very good from what I have seen of them!

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