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KS2 Writing Tests

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by thrupp, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. I'm wondering if you are me with this post....we are identical in what we got, was your marker based in the west country?
  2. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    No, i'm in the north west. Our regional NAHT rep has sent an email round asking for details with regard to how many scripts we are sending back. Apparently in our neighbouring LA 117 out of 120 schools are sending scripts back!
  3. We only have a very small cohort, so the percentage per child is heavily weighted. I am sending back two papers to be marked, I have double checked with other staff and all agree the papers should have been level 4. Have heard from neighbouring schools that they too are sending scripts back for remarking.
  4. starlightexpress

    starlightexpress New commenter

    Punctuation use is not the determining feature for the award of a grade in the band. The first section- sentence structure- surely is the most important aspect to look at?
    Repetition of pronouns as openers is L3 I would think?
    I would send all my SWT back as I feel Band E is marked low however it would make little difference to the overall grade. I have L5 writers only scoring 5/8 max for band E with my marker.

  5. Regarding L5 writing- the markers will not be rewarding VCOP components as such! They are looking for a clear structure which is held together cohesively. This will include: clear opening and linked ending, relevant openers that link paragraphs, connectives that add clauses, add detail etc.If a child can achieve cohesion within a paragraph as well as between them, then all the better. I have learned this after many years of frustration with L5 writing. Any evidence of being 'Ros Wilsoned' will not get the result, but if the child can integrate the VCOP features confidently and appropriately, they will be on the road to achieving the elusive cohesion.

  6. Been working on the appeals but hold out little hope - last year laydown levels fives were thrown out. To succeed at appeals the pieces have to be several grades higher than the stuff that gets through first time (wonder if that's because the board loses money if an appeal is allowed?)This year I've got superb L5 stuff getting 3/12 composition and effect. Wonder if it was marked by throwing a dice. All I ever wanted was a marker who could follow a mark scheme, or at least read a piece and say to her/himself, "This is really good, L5." Are they expecting PhDs? The one year when the examining board were sacked for incompetence, was the year when we, at last, had some decent marking!
  7. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    We don't use Ross Wilson purely for that reason. It was being used at my school when I got there, but there was too much random stuffing in WOW words when they didn't fit!

    We do use the Alan Peat success structures though; so each year children are not learning a new way of writing a report/explanation/newspaper report etc! All our children wrote a newspaper report in the same way
    Lead paragraph (including the who, what.when, why)
    Main body 2-3 paragraphs giving the detail of the story
    Sources- 1 direct quote/1 indirect quote
    Summary with an address to the reader

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