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KS2 writing teacher assessment and moderation 2013

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by mrsb1234, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Hello, I am new to year 6 and would really appreciate some guidance as to the range of writing evidence required for the year end teacher assessment and moderation. My children have an independent writing book (alongside their English book which has both independent and supported work) and I am want to ensure they contain enough variety for moderation.For example do you have a check list of writing genres that must be included and if so how many examples of each do you have? Also how many pieces of writing do you carry out a full APP on during the year? Thank you.
  2. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    For your class to have a chance of Level 6 (and so it's best if you've offered the chance to everyone)you need enough variety to show:
    adaptation of style and register for different forms (including impersonal style)
    range of sentence structures
    varied vocabulary to create effects
    generally accurate spelling
    range of punctuation
    use of paragraphs
    That's what the NC says and it deliberately is not any more specific than that in the level descriptors. (The Writing Programme of Study gives four purposes for writing that must have been covered in KS2 but these don't specify forms .)
    (You don't have to have to have it all yet, by the way. TA does not need to be done until late June. The government hasn't yet announced its plans for external moderation.)
  3. son1bun

    son1bun New commenter

    I am a KS2 Moderator. The document you need is the 2013 Moderation Guidance. I have pasted the link to the DFE site below:

    Page 12, gives you a list of genres, moderators will be looking out for. There is also lots of detail to support assessment and making judgements.

    Hope it is useful.

    Take care
  4. Thank you for your advice
  5. Thank you for sending me the link, this is really helpful
  6. exemplification is now available also

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