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KS2 Writing results - what you expected?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ezzie, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Ezzie

    Ezzie Occasional commenter

    I've just worked out our writing results and the scores don't reflect what I would have expected - does anyone else feel they've been marked low? Or is it just my (obviously, as has been insinuated) **** teaching?
  2. Ezzie

    Ezzie Occasional commenter

    I've just worked out our writing results and the scores don't reflect what I would have expected - does anyone else feel they've been marked low? Or is it just my (obviously, as has been insinuated) **** teaching?
  3. I agree.
    Compared with last years results ours are low and this group are much better writers.
    Feel that we were marked low on the composition and effect strand. Not impressed!
  4. And those who insinuate cxxp teaching want to sod off!
  5. Oh dear. We don't have ours yet and we were already expecting them to be low.
  6. Our writing results are awful - we have gone up in every subject with the exception of writing. 43% level 4 and above, yet overall english 89% level 4 and above. Does not add up - going to look very carefully at papers.
  7. Completely agree... my writing level 5s are awful. I knew there were a couple that were "borderline" but when I miss 4 you really start doubling yourself. Having taken a quick glance, the composition and effect marks seem harsh. Having been out of Y6 for over 5 years, is it worth sending back for a second marker to look at them?
  8. Ditto QCDA have really messed about with the thresholds and we have missed our targets and the results don't reflect the progress.
  9. I'm really disappointed with mine too, and its just at the borderline in so many cases. Out of 23 children, 5 have got 35 (ie just missed level 5) and 3 got 22 (ie just missed level 4). I've only got 2 level 5s in total, but if I look at the overall English scores, they are just what I predicted in all but one case with 8 level 5s, so it's literally just the writing that is awful. When I compare it with what people were saying at a cluster meeting we had to moderate writing, where I was definitely told I was under-valuing, I feel a bit green.

    Unfortunately it's me, not the marker it seems, as my partner teacher's results are fine. Ho hum!
  10. We are sending almost 40% of our writing back. Some have missed level 4 by 1 or 2 marks where they are clearly L4 but a high majority of the ones we are sending back are missed L5s. Inconsitent marking with an expected L5 scoring lower than an expected L3! ARGHHHH!!!
  11. It's rubbish and completely unfair. The worst thing is that you will now have to spend hours and hours painstakingly going over the papers, filling the forms out to prove what you knew all along- that the kids have been taught well and have made good progress. I hope that you get time out of class for the 're-marking.'
  12. Our writing results are also really low this year. I do have a high proportion of level 3 writers and they are OK but I only have 1 level 5 out of an expected 6 - these children consistently write at level 6. The markers don't seem to consider the overall effect of a piece of writing - the marking is very piecemeal. Not one of my class got 3 for handwriting yet they seem to match the level 3 writing on the mark scheme!
    Been teaching year 6 for 9 years and am getting very despondent about the eratic marking particularly in writing! By the way been teaching a lot longer than that!!
  13. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    Interesting that this thread covers 2 separate years.

    A one off test is not, and never has been, the best way to assess writing ability. The markers are also poorly trained and most have no idea of what an "average" KS2 writer can do. Our former nursery teacher marked SATs this year. She has never taught above reception. I'm not sure I would trust her judgement on Year 6 writing. Similarly, lots of markers are secondary school teachers and mark way too harshly. This is probably (IMO) the cause of the massive inconsistencies this year.

    The sooner these tests are got rid of, the better.
  14. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    Our English results are as expected, if not better, but a lot of the writing is lower than expected. Hope that makes sense. Think only 1 of our scripts is going back.
  15. We had very surprising results this. Mostly L5s in writing. Some of the ones that got L5 would normally scrap a L4. I think our marker must have been in a very generous mood when ours were marked. Best writing results ever!
  16. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul New commenter

    So, are you sending yours back for re-marking too, since they've been so badly marked?
  17. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Our writing results are terrible at Lv5, only 3% when we were expecting 30%. We've been focusing on moderation of assessment all year, and 30% of the children have constantly been moderated at Lv 5.

    It seems the marker has looked at the bands under each aspect and as soon as one feature is missing from the descriptor, they have stopped, without looking to see if most of next level are present (which they usually are!). I think we are sending about 60% of ours back.
  18. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    I always understood that was the correct way to apply the mark scheme - ie no credit for commas if the full stops not secure.
    The issue is where the mark scheme includes things which *might* be in the script, but equally might not be. Not every news report is formatted in the same way, and children lose marks if they haven't correctly second-guessed what is in the mark scheme.
    I agree it is a terrible system.
  19. I spent 6 hours this afternoon going through 127 writing papers. Absolutely gobsmacked at some of the levelling. I'd like to post some examples of comparable pieces in terms of their score (is this possible somewhere?). I'm sure my year 6's could do a better job of levelling them. What I would consider solid level 5 work in all strands has been marked within 1 point (and that was handwriting!) of level 3 work. I am sending back 23 writing papers and they are only the ones where it would make a difference to their overall level. That is essentially 20% of our writers below the expected level as a result of the levelling.
  20. largelugs

    largelugs New commenter

    Our writing results are more or less what we expected overall.However, when you look at individual papers there is no consistency in the scores at all.Two boys who got a L3 wrote much better pieces than other children who got a L4.
    Some borderline L5 writers have just scrapped a L4, but when you look at their papers the marks just don't fit.

    The most indefensible thing is that the marker seems to discriminate against children with untidy handwriting. Everyone of our 8 out of 51 children that we are appealing have very scruffy handwriting, their papers don't look appealing. Yet, one girl from the Phillipines who has beautiful writing has got the equivalent of a 4a when her writing is a 4c at most.

    What is the point in giving us a mark scheme if the markers are given different instruction and is consistency too much to ask for?

    Oh to have my wife's school's marker. Just as useless as the marker of my school, but over marked ever paper leading to incredible, yet totally undeserved results!

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