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KS2 Thresholds

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Fred Flintstone, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Dearest DFEE, EdExcel, AQA, Mr Gove or anyone in charge of thresholds for KS2 SATS,

    Please can you keep the thresholds exactly the same as last year with the exception of level 5 Maths.
    If you could make this 77 (or better still, 76!), I would be eternally grateful.

    Yours Fred Flintstone
    (hoping for an early Christmas present!)
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Please do ignore Fred Flintstone, he is of the stone age.

    This year's thresholds actually need to be lowered by about 3-4 points for level 4 and 2 points for level 5.

    Thank you so much,


  3. Nah it's not going to happen is it?
    They need to make a point!
    Need to push through their policies and maybe even show that teachers are not doing their job probably, to show that Teacher pensions are not deserved!
  4. Blimey regencyrob, lighten up! It's a sunny July evening and there are only three weeks to go until 6 weeks of freedom!
    (P.S. I'd like all of the thresholds to be dropped by 4-5 marks- well...if we're asking for the impossible...)[​IMG]
  5. How will they decide the thresholds?
    Is this the first year where the government have all scores before deciding the thresholds?
    If so, will they say top 30% Level 5s, next 40% Level 4s, bottom 30% level 3s and below?
    Surely the government can fix it to whatever political agenda they say fit?
    Hhmmm....I can see a very dramatic change to the thresholds if this is the case.
  6. we havent had our papers back yet for english. Is it normal to not have them and results due out tues?
  7. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    I imagine the thresholds will be available from midnight. Can anyone confirm?
  8. Apparently on now
  9. yes they are
  10. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Sounds like someone was listening to you Fred!

  11. I'm so happy!
  12. where are they? what are they? i cant find them anywhere!
  13. I've just tried your link - doesn't seem to take me to the 2011 Thresholds. Any suggestions?
  14. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

  15. Writing level 4 - 23
    Writing level 5 - 36

    Reading level 4 - 18
    Reading level 5 - 34

    English level 4 - 41
    English level 5 - 70

    Maths level 4 - 45
    Maths level 5 - 77

  16. Thank you! I can hardly dare to look!!!
  17. Thresholds are on qcda site now...... http://www.qcda.gov.uk/resources/assets/290611_level_threshold_tables_2011.pdf

    highlight this link and right click and select go to this page..........shows them in a nice format to print out
  18. Thresholds are on qcda site now...... http://www.qcda.gov.uk/resources/assets/290611_level_threshold_tables_2011.pdf

    .........................highlight this link and right click and select go to this page....shows them in a good print format.
  19. TARPS

    TARPS New commenter

    These aren't the levels, they only go online today. Maths L5 is 79, level 4 is 46. Reading has gone down to 32 for L5 and 19 for L4
  20. watchya

    watchya New commenter

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