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Discussion in 'Primary' started by syredpaul, May 3, 2012.

  1. What are people teaching during SATS week after the tests?
  2. What are people teaching during SATS week after the tests?
  3. clangercrazy

    clangercrazy New commenter

    we are going to do design and technology in the afternoons, the topic is musical instruments so the Monday we are going to 'play' with all the musical instrments in school! And then Tuesday (as long as they've bought junk and stuff in) we will make instruments!
    Which we probably will need to continue making on Wednesday....and maybe thursday....
    so that's the week then basically!
  4. Some gardening (providing the weather holds out for us)... maybe some fun PE type games, PSHE/circle time activities etc.... Basically NOTHING that includes writing, reading comprehension or maths!!
  5. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Monday and Tuesday there will be some Maths revision before lunch. But the rest of the week will be extra PE sessions, ICT, DT and PSHE-type activities. Plus a mini trip out on the Friday afternoon!
  6. I'm clearly a very grumpy teacher . . . we do 'maths' (of sorts) mopping up all those itty bitty marks that can bump your 3s to 4s (and do . . .we aim for 100% and we're NOT in a cushy area). There'll be session outside where in pairs they draw angles on the playground and check their partner can measure using a protractor. We have a fraction/ decimal ratio race where in small groups they solve a recipe problem to make a cocktail (eg 20% of my total is orange juice; the ratio of lemonade to cranberry juice is 5:1). We'll have competitions who can make the most trapeziums on a peg board with elastic bands. Battle ships to practise co-ordinates. I cut pictures from magazines in half and we draw the mirror image . . . .you get the general idea. The kids love it - enjoy the competition and brush up on shape and space/ data stuff. It is a priority that SATs week isn't stressful.
    Each afternoon we have a half hour session where I nominate class 'sages' and their specialism. For example - Jack is today's sage for long division (I obviously know JAck can do this). He wears a silly hat, and children can visit his station to practice. Molly is today's sage for finding equivalent fractions, and Gemma is today's sage for finding 10% of a number (it doesn't have to be your top group kids!).

    I also use the computers a great deal - sum dog is fab for last brush up of mental number stuff - basic times tables etc.

    WE have an arty farty week the week after. ;-)
  7. That sounds great thank-you - was beginning to run stale with ways to keep them on the boil! Clearly don't want to peak too soon!

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