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KS2 SATS thread. (The week we all hate!)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Bobiyexew47, May 12, 2012.

  1. Where? The equipment list just states pen or pencil.
    The tests aren't scanned to be marked so why would you need a 2b pencil?
  2. The "2b pencil, no glittery pens" was for the science sampling tests. They are scanned to be marked.
  3. in the level 6 guidance that came in the envelope with the different coloured bags. It says 2b and implies it is going to be scanned to be either marked by a computer or read on a screen??? Who knows. I also raided the art supplies.
  4. Can we get the Maths B and mental maths paper?
    Also was the persuasive writing a letter inviting a famous personality?
    When would it be available does anyone know
  5. dunkiep

    dunkiep New commenter

    tee hee - are grammerr pedant doesnt allways get it write! (sic)
  6. misshughessph

    misshughessph New commenter

    Little bird tells me that this years paper will start with the easier questions first then get progressively harder but will be of the same pitch as last yr.
  7. sallymgoodman

    sallymgoodman New commenter


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