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KS2 sats test practice

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by twinklewoody123, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. twinklewoody123

    twinklewoody123 New commenter

    Apart from the CGP practice papers and last years Gov sats papers, are there any others we can access or purchase? I've used Twinkle's- they're OK but not ideal.
    Thanks in advance
  2. tedhat

    tedhat Occasional commenter

    whiterosemathshub has free maths papers that are quite handy.
  3. krisgreg30

    krisgreg30 Occasional commenter

    Don't use them from T! They set my kids right back two weeks prior to tests and destroyed their whole morale from how difficult they were. Bearing in mind our results were 85% achieving the standard and two children 1 and 3 marks off, the T tests are clearly set too hard.

    Have a search around on here as people have made example ones based on the sample one and last years as may find one you like. As tedhat said White Rose have some good test papers as well.

    The only ones I used last year apart from one T one, were the sample ones because it was more about getting used to the layout. You could take a couple of questions at a time to work through in class as a discussion point but I wouldn't worry about getting too swamped down in testing. It's a lesson where you could be working on a key weakness.
  4. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

  5. susie-sue

    susie-sue New commenter

    Avoid Rising Stars as well as they are much too difficult. We're actually using practice papers from a company called Monster SATs which are proving to be excellent and seem to be at the right pitch. There are 12 separate practice papers for Maths and we also bought the English ones as well so 24 in all. Plenty of papers to keep my little ones busy!
  6. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    is test base up todate? Always worked well for my various schools.
  7. rumpelteazer

    rumpelteazer New commenter

    There is a great little website called mathsframe which has one set of ks2 papers but also sets of assessments on the different units such as fractions or place value which are sat style questions. I think the pitch is about right, the site is run by a recently retired primary head and definitely worth a look

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