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KS2 SATs reviews - what is the point?!!

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by mhjtr, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. I am fuming! Our KS2 SATs reviews have just come back. Every single writing mark has remained identical in every single strand. The paper tells me that 'A full review' has taken place yet I am left with massive discrepancies between papers from my own school - and when I compare with papers at a friends' school the discrepancies are enormous! I cannot believe I have wasted hours (along with a literacy consultant) trawling through our writing papers for them to come back without a single alteration!! Has anyone else had their reviews back - is it just us or has everyone got a similar response?
  2. We have just had ours back, they have all remained exactly the same except for one writying mark that has been dropped by two points thus dropping the student to a level four from a level five. We had found two errors in the marking of her reading paper, these seem to have been ignored though!
  3. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Similar experience here, most annoying!
  4. I think the point was to show that there was no point in bothering them. They might as well put a disclaimer at the end of the paper saying:
    "The judges decision is final"
    Resistance is futile
    Marks can stay the same as well as going down!
  5. Exactly the same here too - one or two changes but in the wrong direction (writing) I am unbelievably upset about it, they are so glaringly inaccurate. We spent hours going through every paper and resubmitted 18 out of 20 papers.
    What next? (I don't think there is a 'next' option is there?)
  6. Same here, absolutely furious. After going through all the papers, resubmitted 6 writing papers that clearly had been undermarked. All returned today with either marks deducted rather than added or no change. One child with exactly the number of marks deducted to drop from an overall level 5 to level 4. Ridiculous.
  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I don't understand why you would have resubmitted a paper that was a level 5. Surely the only point in resubmitting papers is to improve the level? If improving is impossible, why resubmit?
  8. Reading the responses completely reflects our experience. Thankfully we submitted only four pupils' Writing tests, who we (all experienced teachers) considered had been undermarked and were close to the borderline for L4 to 5 in either Writing or Overall. The narrative said that all the papers had been OVERmarked, with the result that one pupil moved overall from L5 to L4. Fortunately the others' levels were not changed despite losing marks. This experience tells me that the whole process is a farce and the sooner it is abandoned the better. We could think that the harshness has been brought on by trying to prove the incompetent Writing marking is being rectified. Why should schools and their pupils be judged on whether the school decided to submit papers or just leave things as they were.
  9. Gloriousness

    Gloriousness New commenter

    Ours didn't change. At least Y6 writing won't have to go through this farce again though, bring on the teacher assessments giving a FAIR representation of their skills that aren't subject to the whims and interpretation of a marker who doesn't know them.
  10. In ours I had highlighted 2 errors in a reading paper which would have resulted in the child's overall level being upped to a 5. The review accepted both errors but then indicated that 2 other marks given in my opinion correctly by the original marker should not be given thus nullifying the effect of the errors. However the two marks they have now taken off are worse errors than the originals. Unbelievable!!
  11. As above for us - we returned a lot of papers, checked by both year 6 teachers, a leading teacher, a SATS marker trained in this year's scheme and a consultant (nowt like being thorough - but how futile). We would happily produce our NCT papers as evidence to support our teacher assessments - the children delivered on the day. They have been badly let down.
  12. We resubmitted her papers as she was a level four overall for English and we felt that her long writing task had been undermarked. Had she gained one point in her writing through the re-mark, she would have gained a level five overall for English. All of the papers we submitted were scrutinised by myself, our literacy coordinator and the County Literacy advisor who all believed that the writing deserved more. When re-marked she did gain more points on her long task, but had points taken away on the short task.
  13. We submitted 11 (carefully selected) sets of children's writing for review - I can't believe that every strand in every paper came back the same - that's 77 strands assessed identically by the original marker and the review marker. Statistically that is incredibly unlikely - it is rare for two teachers/markers to award exactly the same marks on one piece of work let alone the 22 pieces involved here! What did we pay £9 per script for (not to mention hours of mine and others' time)? I feel utterly cheated. The system is farcical and desperately demoralising. :(
  14. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Us too.
    Submitted 16 sets of papers, 32 in all, each one came back with exactly the same mark for each strand as the original marker. All except one child who had had a spelling marked as correct when it was incorrect, so she lost a mark!
  15. Ours remained the same as well, with a note saying that the marking scheme had been found to have been correctly applied. Four of us including myself checked the papers and we all felt that they had been undermarked. How can we all be wrong? What a waste of time.
  16. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Just heard that a school in my cluster resubmitted every one of their writing papers; and every one came back with unchanged marks!
  17. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Lead commenter

    As I understand it no remarking goes on. The original marker's marks are looked at by a different person and they decide whether or not they agree. This is obviously not as good as a genuine remark.
  18. we sent 2 writing and 1 reading. Both writing came back marked down. It didn't change their levels as they were border line L4s but it should have put them up! The reading came back with 4 more marks putting it up to a L5. It was ironic as we had only found 1 mark but that made the differenc between 4 and 5. Makes me wonder now about all the others. Pleased about the reading but very annoyed, angry and dissappointed about the writing. So wrong and yet we just accpet and carry on.

  19. I feel exactly the same. We sent 7 writing papers back because we felt they had been marked incorrectly - all borderline levels mainly 4 to 5's. 6 came back unaltered and 1 came back with a downgrade of 2 marks!!! What a waste of time and money! It will be interesting to find out how they manage the writing assessments next year.
  20. We have had the same experience. They put red pen next to the marks and marked them all down, both reading and writing. On one paper the child acctually gained a mark yipeee, to then loose a mark on the short write. An absolute farce and a waste of hours and not to mention money!!

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