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KS2 SATS - Reading

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ahf2019, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. ahf2019

    ahf2019 New commenter

    Just wondering what advice you offer to pupils about how to tackle the KS2 SATS reading paper.

    Do you suggest that they work through the texts in order, or have a quick flick to see if there is one that they feel more confident with?

    Do you ask them to read the text first, and then move onto the questions, or do you get them to jump straight into the questions? Does this vary by genre?

    Last year we told them to choose which text they felt most comfortable with, and just go straight to the questions and read the bits of the text that they needed. I'd be intersted to hear what approach others take, and how confident they feel that it's successful.
  2. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    We usually tell them to work through the booklet in order, presuming that the easiest text will be first - although I think this has been less evident in recent years. We talk about the different ways to do it - read the whole text first; skim it and get the gist; or go straight to the questions. We have class discussions about which is the best way to tackle it and the majority make up their own minds, but we do have an intervention group for the LA and particularly slow readers when we teach and practise skimming and scanning, as well as making sure they answer all the obvious questions - multiple choice, tick boxes, etc.
    I don't think we've cracked it, but I don't know what will work better!
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  3. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    I've always advised the children to skim-read the whole text, then answer the questions, asterisking any they're unsure about so they can return to them later. I'd certainly be wary of asking them to go straight to the questions and only read bits of text in isolation.
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  4. ahf2019

    ahf2019 New commenter

    It's really helpful to hear how you are approaching it, and I'm glad it's working for you. I think that I'm slightly more inclined towards tackling them in order. I do think that the questions that go with each text are noticibly more difficult, and in particular the third text, which is so inference heavy. This isn't where I ever expect the lower end of 'working at' children are going to pick up as many marks.

    I'm going to go and have a good think about that. Whenever we answer any test style questions, I do them at the same time as the children, and for anything that requires making an inference from more than one place, summarising or ordering, I feel very lost without having a proper jist of the text. I wonder whether a skim-read at the beginning is the way forward.

    I'd certainly welcome thoughts from anyone else that has experience of this and an opinion to share. There's certainly no one right answer!
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  5. efm

    efm New commenter

    I have never advised a skim read as the text and questions often designed to 'catch out' the lower end of the expected readers - even the retrieval questions. For example, it might be an amount of something or a date that needs retrieving and often there is more than one 'number', in the text. Dipping straight to questions can also waste time, particularly in the fiction texts where the children often have to have an awareness of how characters develop and change over the course of the story. We just read and then answer one text at a time. Usually in order - for the majority. X
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