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KS2 SATs - Marking Reviews

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Feenie, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. We only had one of our Maths marks changed. This was an obvious error, the children's paper said Level 4 but the marking script it had Level 3 written by their name and therefore we had to argue with them that they'd made the error.
  2. On closer inspection, all of our Reading was upheld, and all the writing marks changed, but not the levels. 4 children were even marked down further, cheeky b***ers.
    Even though only 6 children's levels changed for English overall, out of 60 papers (reading and writing) 30 of them had marks changed. I couldn't apply for a group review because we have 30 children (you have to have more than 30), so I applied for 36 single reviews. It took sodding ages.
    So what does that say about the marking process, when 50% of the marks are wrong, and are changed on review? How the hell can any of us have confidence in this system?
    I feel very sorry for the previous poster who is new to Y6 - it must be soul destroying, and so hard to pick yourself up again, dust yourself off, and teach your new class. At least I have several years of proven disgust at the system under my belt; I've seen this happen many times. But never with this degree of severity, never have they been so, so wrong.

  3. We sent 19 scripts back in total for 12 children. Every child had their overall marks increased, but not all enough to alter a level. Three of our children had four or five extra marks given! So out of 12 children, 6 had levels altered. When 50% are deemed incorrect there must be some sort of issue! And when each child is worth 7% it can make or break a set of results.
    Whats annoying is that two children are 1 or 2 marks off a level 4 now (after being 5 or 6 marks off!), but we can't appeal. If they had been marked like this the first time arround we would have been able to appeal these and possibly get them up to a level 4!
  4. We sent 20+ writing scripts back and only 3 were altered (L3 to L4). We only then have 1 level 5 writer this year - utter rubbish!! We had 4 reading papers move from L4 to L5 which now broadens our gap of 86% L4+ in reading to 39% L4+ in writing!! None of it makes sense and the writing marks are 100% incorrect. But what Ofsted inspector is going to listen to that when they're due to arrive at some point this term? It's so demoralising for staff and pupils.
    Has anyone else also had any info through about PSPC's working with Y6 teachers this year to support the raising of attainment of L2b's to L4 in writing and number/calculation?
  5. We are also due an Ofsted. We are now in the ludicrous position of having 77% Level5 readers, but only 7% Level 5 writers. Ridiculous.
  6. Same outcome at this end. 9 sets of papers sent back for writing. 7 had marks altered but only 3 moved from L3 to L4. I now have 5 children on 24 marks. The most infuriating was a high level 4 writer, whose writing tasks were moderated by 3 very experienced members of staff on their return and whose grade was expected to rise by 8+ marks, actually had 3 marks taken away. I wish I hadn't sent it back but it was a clerical error on the original mark sheets!!. We also have OFSTED in the very near future . Just hope my file of APPs and other evidence will convince the inspectors.
  7. Feenie, Noggleboggle and SurferPink
    So is writing the issue? Did we all see a shft in reading but obstinacy in writing?
    Is it easier for them to be so ignorant with a more subjective mark scheme?
    This is an interesting pattern reflected in a few posts. Reading was altered, writing stuck
  8. I am going to ask for a review of the review.

  9. Me too - lady on helpline said I should wait until the scripts are returned this week then phone for advice on how to get the review reviewed (which contradicts the advice an earlier poster was given).
    She also gave me an email address to send my complaints to regarding the fact that even 50% of the marks have had to be changed.
  10. starlightexpress

    starlightexpress Occasional commenter

    All of my reading reviews were changed :) but they were pretty obvious misapplications of the markscheme.
    2 writing were moved from a L3 to a L4 (1 of which was my best L5 writer).
    I'll be interested to see reasons why other writing not changed when scripts come back.
    Of the ones I submitted for overall change marks increased but one off each time to affect the overall!!
    The whole process is designed to put you off appealing I think.
  11. gcsouth

    gcsouth New commenter

    11 children out of 22 sent for English review - only one change made for the better.

    Not one writing level changed

    One reading level changed - from 5 to 4!

    One overall English upped from 4 to 5

    That's it! Makes a mockery of the whole system - these children were secure level 5s. Worked on reviews with County English Advisor as well! Feel SO despondent with it all.
  12. I've had mine back and there isn't any explanation, just a subjective tick grid.
    And how much time is this taking?
  13. Apparently if we still feel the mark scheme is cocked up we can contact for a process review. To do this we email processreview@qcda.gov.uk
    They then send us information.
    This is supposed to be if you think the process hasn't been applied correctly, not if you dispute the outcome. However, isn't the use of incompetent markers and reviewers an incorrect application of a process?
  14. Ditto.
    No report accompanying the returned papers either. We're going to take this further, especially as the entire cohort's papers have been given a 'sticker' bearing the original mark...not ONE extra mark anywhere.
    AND I was under the impression that, the whole cohort was remarked ONLY if my selected 10 pupils, plus the 5 random, warranted a complete remark. So how come they marked everyone's...or did they just whack a sticker on the whole lot without looking at the hugely complex accompanying notes I sent with the review (which have, mysteriously, not come back).
    What a crock of sh*te!
  15. ....AND it's going to cost another £100 just to investigate our complaint about the Review process (£180).
    Nice little earner isn't it?
    However, we KNOW that our 14% L5 writing / 76% L5 reading results are utterly ludicrous so our HT is determined to keep going until we get some answers...
  16. So should we pay for duff goods?

  17. starlightexpress

    starlightexpress Occasional commenter

    I must say I'm disappointed with the reasons why on the writing, mainly because I can't see why review not agreed.The tick list is very unspecific. I expected a response similar to the one I wrote to explain the reasons why my appeal wasn't upheld, linking to the markscheme specifically.
  18. gcsouth

    gcsouth New commenter

    Why is it that we spent hours and hours of our time producing detailed reviews for every paper and then all we get back is a tick list stating 'More evidence needed of...' I find it interesting and incredibly frustrating that I am being told that more evidence is required in certain aspects of the writing, in order to gain higher marks, when my pupils have produced MORE evidence than is shown in the examples in the mark scheme! Wrong. Very, very wrong!
  19. starlightexpress

    starlightexpress Occasional commenter

    I agree totally. In terms of my own levelling I'd have liked detailed feedback from the experienced review panel markers. The grid was one size fits all and this is very wrong for writing. Also the reading grid assumed all requests would fit those statement. Admittedly I had success with reviews but for the the few I didn't the work the marker had to put in in repsonse did not warrant the fee I'll pay.
  20. Apparently, the NAHT are putting together a complaint for Ofqual, and the TES are going to report on this issue next week.


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