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KS2 SATs - Marking Reviews

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Feenie, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Reviews are due back to school tomorrow, but they are obviously cutting it fine, as we haven't received anything yet. The results on the website are still dated 5th July, aswell.

    Anyone got theirs yet? If so, how did it go?
  2. Hasn't ANYONE had theirs back? Seriously?
  3. inq


    we sent back lots of english and haven't got them back
  4. We sent a load of English back too and we haven't had anything either.
  5. Thanks.....interesting. Bit of a gamble, surely, assuming first class post would DEFINITELY get them back by the deadline tomorrow?

  6. gcsouth

    gcsouth New commenter

    It says in the review guidance 'Sent back' on 12th so I presume they will be posted tomorrow and therefore reach us next week... Let's hope the wait is worth it!
  7. Which guidance are you looking at, gcsouth - wondering if it's an outdated guide, 'cos 12th is a Saturday and also this webpage:
    reckons 'Review outcomes will be sent to schools by 11 September 2009, and reviewed test scripts returned 14-18 September'.
    Definitely agree with the sentiment of hoping the wait is worth it though! [​IMG]

  8. gcsouth

    gcsouth New commenter

    Sorry meant 11th! Says 'sent to schools' 11th Sept... initially I read this as we would receive them by then but reading again I think it means that is the actual day they will be put in the post. Reckon we'll have to wait a little longer!
  9. I think it might mean that the results will come though tomorrow - electronically perhaps, or updated on the website, with the actual papers arriving back between the 14th and 18th.
  10. Not thought of that, although I did check the website today, and the results hadn't been altered since 5th July.
  11. I've been doing the same three or four times a day since we go back!
  12. Nothing on the website today....
  13. We sent lots of English back and just had one obvious reading error recognised. None of our marking appeals have been recognised. I'd be really interested to know if this is common, this year.
  14. gcsouth

    gcsouth New commenter

    BigRedBus please can you tell me how you got your results back - was it by post, email or on the website? Thanks!
  15. By post.
    I then phoned QCA to complain at the remarking and was told the actual scripts will come next week, but from here on in appeals can be lodged against the process but not the outcome.

  16. Got ours back through the post too - not altered on the site yet.
    Two level 3 overalls were put up to level 4.
    Three level 4 readers were put up to level 5.
    No change in the writing unfortunately!
    So, a bit better but still not as good as hoped.
    Each child counts for 7% though, so the changes do make quite a bit of difference!
  17. Were the changes in Reading subjective or fairly clear?
  18. A mixture - it was obvious for a couple fo questions that the mark scheme hadn't been applied properly at all. None of them were just one mark of a 5 either, so they gained four or five marks each!
  19. Got them. 6 reading have been altered, and so 6 overall, but the writing hasn't been touched. Some of the children who have been left with level 4s in writing are so gifted - it was one of the most talented years we've ever had.
    Roll on the boycott, I say.

  20. Same here, hardly any of my Level 5 writers received a level 5 and their writing was brilliant. Also, all of the boys were really harshly marked. Sent back 15 papers and they only changed 2 writing marks and a reading paper. They won't change the writing even though they are way out and obviously wrong. I don't want to teach Year 6 anymore if this is what happens - absolute joke and I don't know what to do next

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