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KS2 SATs marking - pay....or lack thereof

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by amethyst303, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. amethyst303

    amethyst303 New commenter

    I've just been paid for my first ever round of SATs marking and won't be doing it again. I worked out that I earned just under £5 per hour. Even though I finished just over 98% of my allocation, the final salary was certainly nowhere near 98% of the amount stated on my contract; in fact it was just under 80%. For the hours I put in - and I'm not shy of hard work (I'm a teacher after all!) - I was actually waking up in the morning not wanting to do it, as I knew I had a full ten hours ahead of me before sinking into a hot bath to get rid of the stiffness of sitting in one position for most of the day. It states in the Marker Hub recommendations: 'Do not mark when tired'..... seriously? Lord knows how full-time teachers manage! I most sincerely take my hat off to them. I really do.

    No wonder I don't want to go back into the classroom after thirty years of teaching, with this 'Govian' ideal in place. The man has wrecked our education system. I was going to insert 'almost' wrecked there but no, he has wrecked it and I want to be no part of it. We're teaching our primary children stuff which I never touched on at all or learnt much later at GCSE level, in some cases, along with another load of new 'buzz words' and ever-changing jargon. The Numeracy Strategy taught children a variety of ways to tackle their work so they could choose a way that gave them more understanding. Now they are restricted to certain 'formal methods (aka archaic methods, in my opinion). A few more methodologies and a good few billions of pounds later, and our children are no better off. Spend the money on more teachers, smaller classes etc. Simplistic but I think we have to simplify a lot in today's Britain and stop trying to pretend we're something we definitely aren't...… notice I didn't put the Great before Britain.

    I'd have to be desperate for money to do the SATs marking again and all it's done is make me realise what a disservice we're doing to our next generation, as well as leaving me out-of-pocket!
  2. StarbucksCovfefe

    StarbucksCovfefe Occasional commenter

    I've returned to supply teaching after 8 years away, and yes the new literacy and numeracy are already depressing me. I'm teaching classes of children long multiplcation and division, who seem to barely understand the concepts at all. I'm teaching a literacy lesson on determiners. Blimey....if anyone wanted to suck all the joy of English, they've definitely succeeded. If I hear the phrase "fronted adverbials" again it will be far too soon.
  3. ABCCBA123321

    ABCCBA123321 Occasional commenter

    The year of rehabilitating the image of the dodo was the year I quit SATs (does Markuss still pop up if you use that incorrect term?) marking after doing it for years and years and years. Couldn't take anymore of it.
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