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KS2 SATS 2011 Spelling mark???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jane_blonde, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. jane_blonde

    jane_blonde New commenter

    I've just been looking through the SATS writing papers, which were returned to us today, and have noticed that instead of a mark out of 7 for spelling, instead on the front there is just the number of words correct out of 20. Also, inside the paper the usual spelling mark box is absent. However, in the mark scheme book it does give the traditional boundaries i.e. 19-20 = 7 etc.
    Is this a ***-up? Or are they going to completely change the level boundaries for writing?? Or are they planning to keep the same boundaries and let us believe that the new government is responsible for suddenly much better results?!?!
    Please let me know what you think! [​IMG]
    (This is my first time in yr6, my nerves can't bear it!!)

  2. fab208

    fab208 New commenter

    I have the same thing. I can only assume that the marks entered online by markers will include the condensed mark for the spelling test as the marks will only add up to a maximum of 93 otherwise.
    I am an old hand at this and I panicked too so you are not alone!
    We have looked through our marks and, as I feared, the children haven't done very well on the long writing but have on the short, and their reading marks are awesome!
  3. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    The marks entered online by the markers are just as you have them on the scripts, but we were assured that somehow, magically, between being entered by us and received by you on July 5, they will be converted to the normal x/7 that we know and love.
  4. Phew! Thank you so much, I am an 'old hand' at Y6, but still added up about 7 scripts tonight and then stressed when I realised that I hadn't included the 'spelling mark' and that it was somehow different! Glad we're all feeling the same and now I'll enter the marks plus the spelling mark on my spreadsheet for my HT!!! Oh to be a Y6 teacher!!!
  5. I'm glad to see your comment as I was thinking exactly the same thing.
    I've left the conversion table at work though so could anybody help me by posting the marks out of 7 please so I can convert the spelling scores.
    I just hope they don't change the thresholds too much from last year - results look ok so far.
    Thank you [​IMG]
  6. 1-3 = 1
    4-6 = 2
    7-9 = 3
    10-12 = 4
    13-15 = 5
    16-18 = 6
    19-20 = 7

    ...as long as things haven't changed!
  7. Our reading marks are better than expected - but the writing is very disappointing. The marking appears to be inconsistent and I find this very frustrating. We had the same issue last year. Appealing is usually a waste of time and effort. It seems our hands are tied at every turn.
  8. Hello all.

    My short writing marks are good but the long writing marks are average. They've been marked down for text structure and organisation but looking at the mark sacheme I don't think it lends itself well to a newspaper article. Plus I have so many crossing outs on my papers where the marker has changed their mind (literally on every paper) I'm almost tempted to send them all back.
    Anyone else found this?
    As someone said before - Oh to be a year 6 teacher!!

  9. My own experience is that appealing has no affect apart from making you feel even more frustrated! I sent 6 scripts back 2 years ago, and 1 mark was added to 1 pupil - that was all. IT took hours to write the appeal sheets, and comment in detail. My own compensation is that one of the girls who only got a Level 4 who I rated highly as a writer, has won a writing competition at her Grammar School, and has been recognised as a gifted and talented writer. It is just too subjective.

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