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ks2 sat results

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rwhannath, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Dear all
    Does anyone know when the Yr 6 sat results are due back?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. MArkers are allowed to hav ethem collected as on Wednesday this week - so basically any day as of Thursday! This is later than usual as far as I know!
  3. Don't know when the results are back but, after last year, I doubt that they'll be back before the second week in July.
    Have you seen the Level Thresholds? Maths and Science L5 down by one mark and L5 English down by 2 marks.
    Can't you smell an election coming? :)
  4. Level 4 threshold seems to be up though. Wonder if that will make much of a difference.

  5. I am dreading it! I am away all week next week so maybe that is a good thing![​IMG]
  6. Markers are able to send scripts back to schools from 24th June but official date for receipt of results is by 7th July.
  7. We have had ours maths back today!!!!

  8. We had our maths back yesterday- frightened the life out of me when I walked into the Office...

  9. Do they come back with an overall mark/level sheet or will we all be frantically adding scores together like last year? Thanks

  10. They'll be back with the yellow copy of the triplicate marksheet which will have overall levels on (not a/b/c).
  11. This year they're in a blue outer wrapper, containing the silver bag you sent them off in- completed with yellow marksheets (showing levels!) wrapped in a protective red marksheet bag: exquisite!
  12. Why? What difference will it make to their futures? I would imagine you'll get a nice pat on the back from your HT though.
  13. We had science back today am hoping Maths will arrive tom! Don't want to know about Literacy lol
  14. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    English back today, but over a fifth of the results have been totalled incorrectly - either on the marksheet or on the papers. :(
  15. Well I doubt if the worry is about their futures, but their present really. It's nice to feel you've done well in a test, whatever age you are- why shouldn't their teacher want to tell them? Why does it have to be such a big deal that someone is pleased the kids have done well in the tests they HAVE to prepare them for?
  16. Science back today and agree - we had a few totalled wrongly but I think that the markers do a fab job.

    Dreading English...
  17. Hippity Dog

    Hippity Dog New commenter

    Got all 3 sets back today at 1.30pm. Thank you to all involved in marking for your hard work. Science and maths are totally as i expected. More L5 overall in English but was disappointed with writing, more L3 than ever before! Still, the reading scores were very good. Anybody else had a similar experience this year?
  18. Lots of people I have spoken to, who have their English back, seem to have seen a drop inL5 writing. hardly surprising when you look at the mark scheme. (They were asked to write a report and several exemplars are letters!)
  19. Got Maths and Literacy back. Really pleased as the results are a fair reflection of the children's abilities. I too had high reading levels and disappointing writing levels, my two star writers only came out as 4's but I know they felt they'd underperformed on the papers and found it hard to show off their talents with the task set.
    Big thank you to all the markers out there!
  20. Whether children had written in the form of a letter (which reported their opinions) or a straightforward report didn't have any impact on marks as both forms were equally acceptable. What did have a very big impact was whether the report was clearly addressed to the sports shop owner, as required by the prompt. Many children fell into the trap of writing something to persuade other people to buy the trainers or else (girls especially) drifted into a narrative about going to the shop to buy trainers. Unfortunately unless children follow the prompt very closely it is impossible to score high marks in the composition/effect strand where a large portion of the marks are allocated.

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