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KS2 Running Club

Discussion in 'Primary' started by simonjlewis, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. In order the capture the Olympic spirit next term, I am keen to start a running club for KS2 after school. I am a keen runner and would love to get some of the kids into the sport. My aim is to encourage some of the children to take part in a race (i.e. Parkrun) each term.
    Anyone currently leading a running club? How does it work for you? Some of the things I'm mulling over are:
    • We are a south London school in a built up area and I am worried about taking the kids off school premises to run around the block even if we don't cross roads. The playground is a little small.
    • Is Year 4 too young?
    • Where do I go to find other schools to compete against (long term goal)?
    • How to keep it interesting week after week?
    • How many adults will I need (I am a Reception teacher and never taught KS2)?
    Simon Lewis,

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