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KS2 Results day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by NavyAir, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. big_mango

    big_mango New commenter

    Can anyone confirm that 110 is greater depth in both reading and maths?
  2. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

    DFE will confirm in Autumn what the higher scaled score is alongside progress measures. So might stay at 110 or might not!
  3. cassandramark2

    cassandramark2 Lead commenter

    Where did you find this information? I was under the impression that the scaled score was immutable as, if it were not, the 100 marker for having achieved the National Standard would also be liable to movement.

    Just asking...
  4. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

    2017 ARAs confirm that 110 is still scaled score required for higher-level to be awarded.
  5. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

    Actually, I've just read it again and am feeling far less confident about my above statement...!
  6. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

    Look at Lancashire Assessment on twitter. Others have also posted high scorings not until Autumn.
    Look also at DFE tweets. 5/7/17
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
  7. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

    The 110+ scaled score should stay the same...but want 100% confirmation. Don't really get what they mean by high scorings will be confirmed.
  8. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

    Read an email on twitter from STA to someone who asked about high scaled threshold It said they only give guidance for expected and 100 scaled score. The greater depth threshold was imposed by DFE and the person enquiring should contact the DFE.
  9. cassandramark2

    cassandramark2 Lead commenter

    I don't understand either. If the tests had been rigorously trialled, and standardisation had pinpointed the mark required for the National Standard of 100, then how could the mark for HS change?

    I thought it was just the average PAG progress measures that were liable to vary between cohorts.
    Pomz likes this.
  10. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

    It's as clear as mud. Don't see why they need to take so long about it either. National averages took only a few hours to come out - Why take another 2 months to publish a threshold?...
    Jesmond12 likes this.
  11. cassandramark2

    cassandramark2 Lead commenter

    Right. I've just spoken to someone who understands these things (after he came home from the pub).

    This is how it works.

    In any normal curve of distribution with 100 being the mean, there will always be - on either side, 1 standard deviation of 34% - up to 110 and down to 90. This mean that, last year, there should have been approximately 16% of children who achieved 110 and above, equating to the 2016 measure for a Higher Score, and vice-versa at the other end of the scale. However, although the 100 mean will never change, it is up to whoever is in charge to change the standard deviation for a HS to, say, a 1.3 (equivalent to a scaled score of 113 or only 10% of children). Now, why would they want to change the standard deviation? Hmm...

    Yeah, I know. Wish I'd gone to the pub now.
    Pomz likes this.
  12. cassandramark2

    cassandramark2 Lead commenter

    Himself (who is secondary maths) reckons that they are trying to set the 'flight paths' for the very hightest achievers in Attainment 8 and that we might find that, in a couple of years, primary kids will have to achieve 115+ for a HS.
  13. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

    My thoughts exactly...ish.
  14. Jesmond12

    Jesmond12 Star commenter

    We have sent two papers back to be remarked as the children both scored 109 and were 1 mark off achieving a scaled score of 110. Perhaps we were wasting our time. How many other schools have done the same thing.

    Why is there all this confusion and what can't the progress scores for each PAG be published?
    D1p5t1ck likes this.
  15. freddiecider

    freddiecider New commenter

    Where can the answer booklet be found please?
  16. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

  17. istabraq

    istabraq New commenter

    One of mine did the exact same. Said cold and jellyfish stings. Said put on oil and used oil. Only got 1 mark out of 2.

    A second child, in the same question, said cold and oil. But then said "food" instead of lack of food. Only got one mark too.

    Let me know how yours get on.

    tedhat likes this.
  18. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    I can only answer as a Maths marker but I would think that you have a fairly good chance of winning an appeal. It's possible that the 2 questions had different markers, in which case the marker would have been unaware of the arrow.
  19. alexanderosman

    alexanderosman Occasional commenter

    I have two like this who only got one mark but one who got 2 and I can't see a difference between what they have written so I would think it would be worth appealing.
    tedhat likes this.
  20. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    Last year in the reading paper we had two children whose answers seemed fully compatible with the mark scheme but had been marked as wrong, so we felt confident our appeals would be allowed - but they weren't. Clearly there is guidance outside the mark scheme to which schools do not have access.

    @istabraq We had a child who lost a mark for just putting food and not lack of food too.

    If you are going to appeal, make sure you check the whole paper carefully, as they will re-mark everything, meaning that if there are other errors in the child's favour, these will be changed too.

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