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KS2 reading schemes

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by rek45, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. rek45

    rek45 New commenter

    I am currently acting literacy co-ordinator of a primary school and have been given money to spend on new reading books for KS2 to replace our very dated ones. Could anyone recommend a scheme? We have Oxford Reading Tree in the infants and book bands in the juniors but the progression isn't very good. Many of the children do RML so read the associated books in lessons every day. However we would like a progressive scheme that children could take home and that we could hear them read at school. I've had a look around but would love some recommendations. Thanks!
  2. Did you have any luck? I have been asked to plug the gaps in our equally dimished and tired reading scheme, and am finding it quite tricky to gleen any sort of comprehensive list.

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