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KS2 reading SATs 2012

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kohsamui, May 10, 2011.

  1. Just wondered what people's opinions are about the reading paper the KS2 children sat yesterday. I had a terrible day consoling children as they found it very tricky - far to adult in content (Sunday Times? Perhaps an article from The Sun would have been more appropriate!) Even the easier questions were difficult to answer as there was so much text to plough through. Would love to hear the nations feelings on this - even if just to reassure!!!! [​IMG]
  2. We didn't think it was so bad when we first looked at it - we were particularly pleased there wasn't a long story like some years! The paper didn't look so bad either - but it was definitely trickier than it looked at first glance. I thought the advert at the end was a bit of a godsend though and, once the children had got past those two 3 mark questions, they seemed to find it a bit easier. However it seems like my lower ability children definitely struggled with it!!
  3. I haven't seen the paper but my son sat it. He said he looked up and only had 10 mins left with 4 pages left. He managed to finish it but had spent too long on the first 11 pages. Can anyone reassure me that all the bigs marks were at the end of tthe paper. I am worried that by dropping marks by rushing the last 4 pages he will not achieve a level 5. It will be awful as he has been working at a sound level 5 for most of the year in reading. Panicking as his secondary school will set on his SAT results.
  4. I meant that all the big marks were not at the end of the paper in the above paper - do you know where I can see a copy on line.
  5. poet

    poet New commenter

    Jo - don't worry I'm sure your son will be fine there were only 2 3mark questions so no 'big marks' to get. If he worked his way thoroughly through the paper I'm sure he will have picked up enough to be a level 5. Not sure there will be a copy online yet!
  6. Thanks for your message, feel a bit better now.
  7. The reading was the great Plague of London for children in Asia and Australia they were totally unaware where can we get the marking booklet online to see. Spellings were fromthe Atlantis most kids no nothing of this greek mythology short writing was great long again persuasive fairly good
  8. Most schools don't set on Sats and those that do are flexible and change after xmas.
    What seems to gets me about this post is the problem that we have in schools - we try to not heap a load of pressure on the children, but they get so much pressure from home they spend too long on each question making sure its perfect only to run out of time.
    We shouldn't even be advocating the SATs never mind heaping a load of pressure on them. What if your child doesn't get a 5 - he will probably feel like a failure. Is that a good thing to happen to an 11 year old? Thinking your parents think you are a failure?

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