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KS2 Overall English - Formula

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Nevetz, May 23, 2012.

  1. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    It says to report reading and writing NCT levels separately, which makes sense because you can't get a real overall English level through any formula for 2 NCTs, not only because test scores can't replicate a whole key stage body of evidence in reading and writing, but also "overall" is nonsense when it ignores one of the three "attainment targets" - the number one one, in fact.
    Only the TA can give a proper "overall" level.
    Just wish the powers that be would state this explicitly! (Maybe they do - tucked away from sight somewhere!
  2. Doesn't it say the opposite? They ARE calculating an overall English level using a formula combining the reading test score with a converted score from the TA level for writing. We are asked to 'report' on reading and writing separately, but RAISE ONLINE will use this calculated overall level.
  3. T34

    T34 Established commenter

    It's a mater of terminology only.
    Maybe the name "English overall level" is a misnomer..
    What the methodolgy produces is a number, whatever name you give to that number. The number has some connection with how well the school has taught the child and so is a measure of the school for accountability purposes.
  4. T34

    T34 Established commenter

    And after a quick look at the methodology I can't see how the number generated can be used for VA.
  5. threshold very interesting, as are example a and b.
    53 points for a level 4, better or worse than before, who gains who loses?
    41 last year, but too many buts.
    Example C anyone?

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